October Instagram instants...

...lets say it with pics again...
Hey sweeties -
it was a busy month and besides my instagram pics of Mister Sugarpurr I was very sloppy with my instagram... and it seems like I my whole October was filled with... food ^^'
first Spekulatius this year (a spiced almond cookie, traditionally German Christmas-pastry)
green cauliflower at the supermarket - and no - I didn't confounded with romanesco
Birthday cake of my trainee - he is Russian and this is a typical Russian cake - so yummy! (and sooooo decadent)
Another birthday cake - Pat's birthday - and we had Törööö-cake ^^
cozy autumn moments with Halloween-candles and baumkuchen - nom!
October is the birthmonth of Mister Sugarpurr
poor Romeo was ill ... he got a bad cold... but now he is fine :)
don't forget the fish sticks in the office-fridge ^^
memories of the great Tim Burton exposition in Paris this summer...
getting prepared for a party evening...
I hope I can show you more pics without food in November *haha*
How was your October?


  1. Kopf wie Sieb - Miri06 November, 2012 17:15

    Ich rätsel wie bekloppt seit gestern: Romeo, Luna und? Uuuuund? Poor Miri - Gedächtnis....

    1. und natürlich Ihre Hochwohlgeborenheit der ehrenwerte Sir Leo, Earl von Plüsch ;)

  2. I just love your cats...

    I decided to pass an award for you! :> http://untameablelife.blogspot.fi/2012/11/so-sweet-award.html

  3. Mine was fun and decadent, plus I miss Halloween already! But here's to a (mostly) healthy November!

    ....that Russian cake slice sure looked good....

  4. Waaah meine Katze Nox ist im Moment auch krank... :-( Schön, dass es deiner wieder besser geht :-)