Sugarpill's @#$%! - eyeshadow

 ...red and black and glitter for Meeow!
Hey sweeties,
when sugarpill puplished their @#$%! - eyeshadow for just 3 days (October 19th - 21st) I didn't mind my credit lines and orderd it, cause before that it was only available at IMATS L.A: - and after 3 weeks of waiting, my kitty-package arrived in Germany:
 hmmmm - a package full of goodies - a sample of loose eyeshadow and a sticker as an extra *yay*
I adore that cute packagings of Sugarpill!
 First I thought that @#$%! is a bit like Love+ , but its lighter and is packed full with silver glitter...
The eyeshadow swatched on my hand without any primer and dry applied:
 you can see - its glittery and its really well covering (just like every eyeshadow of Sugarpill) - love that glittery red!
 The sample was the loose Stella eyeshadow - I really love it - it's deep black with rainbow glitter - so great - I think one day I will order this eyeshadow!
Do you like  @#$%! ? ( I really love that name - but how do I spell it? :D)


  1. "@#$%! ?" ?! WTF? :D

    Sehr toll, die zweite Farbe gefällt mir doch besser als die erste, aber dieser Auftrag, wow!
    Da hat sich das Warten aber gelohnt =)

    1. Ja auf jeden Fall - die Deckkraft finde ich immer wieder großartigst :)

  2. Looks like you could wear it in summer or winter, surprisingly versatile!

    1. yes its very versatile - i think i will wear that red on christmas :)

  3. I love those eyeshadows. They're so pretty! :D

    1. oh yes, you are so right - I love all of them too ^^

  4. @#$%! looks amazing! (yeah, I had to copy and paste that one!) I remember they first released it only at an IMATS convention that they were at but I think a lot of people found that to be unfair on those that couldn't get tickets or lived in other countries. It's great that they have now released it to the wider public. I may just have to get my hands on this one :)

    I received your parcel today and I love it! I'm loving the skeleton hand earrings and the glitter bat! So cute! Thank you so much my dear, it was wonderful to unwrap all those pretty parcels :D ~♥~