CATacombs and Fairytales...

...Mr. Sugarpurr the fabulist...
Hey sweeties!
The last blogpost is too long ago - so it's time for some artsy stuff today - I've worked on a gift for my sweet parents-in-law - they wish for a painting with cats and especially with Mr. Sugarpurr as main character. So I racked my brain, how I can create the perfect pic... After nights of brooding about the perfect painting, I've found the perfect scenery....
I wanna show you some work-in-progress-pics too...
 the little tiger is Pat's favourite ^^
a close-up of Mister Sugarpurr before I added the whiskers...
I hope my parents-in-law will be happy with my painting...
Did you do something DIY too for christmas?
Wish you all a great christmas-time!


cat flu...

Hey sweeties!
It's a bit quiet at CATastrophes'n'CATacombs because I am sick - having a big bad flu and I spend my days with lying around, sleeping, drinking hectoliters of tea and watching eerie morning program (I think that makes me more ill as I already am). It's so bad and sad - Tonight is our annual christmas staff party and I cannot go *sigh*.
To make matters worse, my both cams don't work - The charger of my digicam is broken (ordered a new one) and even my mobile cam acted up after my last update - It shows the pics upside down and my flashlight doesn't work - and Pat is on nightshift so he has no time to fix it - I am getting mad here! I wanted to show you my Limecrime Velvetines, I've bought - but you have to wait :(
So I only got some pics of our winterwonderland in front of the door I took with the last power of my cam-battery....
The last two days were very snowy and everything turned white here... (Perfect timing for a flu...wanted to build a snowman *sigh*)
 My neighbour looked a bit freezy ^^
Romeo tried out the cold white stuff on our balcony....
Today the snow is slowly melting away - I think that there's no white christmas this year for me... *sigh*


I just wanted to buy some new sport-pants...

... but you should know me better...
Hey sweeties - 
last friday I was for a little break at my favourite mall with my office-mate. She joins me at gym since two weeks and we both needed some new sport-pants (my panty ripped at the last Zumba-lesson - I was so glad, that this didn't happened at circuit training where I have to hold up my botty from time to time... ha ha ^^')
And yes, I've bought some new sweatpants - but they are too dreary for this post (maybe I will show you together with my great new training-shoes - at your possible request)... but my other little hauls are more interesting...
 a grey bat-sweater with rivets - a cross and a galaxy leggings...
 glitterbatty ^^
and a new dark red scarf and a silver cross on a long necklace...
some weeks ago I've bought a new hoodie - and its sooooo fluffy and warm - and it has ears - yay!
 ...and a package from Hong-Kong find its long way to me - I wanted some Prada-styled baroque sunglasses for so long - and I got one for only 2 € (shipping inclusive) ... hihi ^^ - i love the matte black...
I hope I have soon more time to post some creative postings - I am so damn busy like every end of the year and beside my job I am spending a lot of time at gym (and it feels so good to get rid of my lazyness) - but I am planning some nice things soon - something to draw and something to sew... so be curious!


[Look of the day] Dark Saturday outfit and makeup

black and white... skulls and bows... 
Hey sweeties!
Yesterday was Dark Saturday time and I wann show you my working-look of this evening - It's a long time ago I've worn that dress but its getting colder day by day so I choosed long sleeves for the evening - and a combination of red, black and white...
Dress ~ Emily the Strange
corset - Restyle
tights - XtraX
boots - a shop somewhere in Dortmund
hairbow - Claire's
skull-necklace - Restyle
I've choosed flat boots - nearly 10 hours standig up and runnig to and fro behind the bar isn't the best occasion for wearing high-heels...
 photoshoot with Romeo a. k. a. Dickie ^^
 hmmmm - sexy cat butt :D
 love my XXL sequin hairbow from Claire's *bling bling*
 I did red, black and white eyemakeup - it fits best to the dress ^^
I used:
upper lid:
Sugarpill ~ @#$%! pressed eyeshadow
Sleek ~ Curacao palette ~ Espresso Martini
Lime Crime ~ Alchemy palette ~ Spellbound
lower eyelid:
Lime Crime ~ Alchemy palette ~ Incantacion
Nyx ~ Jumbo Eye Pencil ~ Black Bean
NYX ~ jumbo eye pencil ~ Milk
eyeliner / eyebrows:
essence ~ gel eyeliner ~ Midnight in Paris
Giorgio Armani - Eyes to kill mascara
Kimchi Bambi grey circle lenses
Hope, every one of you had a great weekend!


November instagram instants...

...cats, busy days at office and awesome landscapes...
Hey sweeties!
November is over this year... and my last weeks of the year are filled with a lot to do... Although my working days are stressing me out like every end of the year, I feel happy - I've started sports since October and doing Zumba and Cardio - and I enjoy it and have so much positive energy. Looking forward for a busy but beautiful Pre-Christmas time ;)
Of course, I spent some time with my buddy Mr. Sugarpurr....
 thats how I feel every Monday....
Mr. Sugarpurr impressed Miss Fortune with a delicious dinner....
The office days....
 too busy to dye my hair - but now its dark violet again :D
 you can compensate for stress with.... a bit Lush in your life....
 with a nice big cup of creamtea....
and of course with tons of chocolate
 oh no mum... let me sleep... only 5 minutes moar....
Leo found a new favourite place in our living room: the top of our vitrine:
 oooooh old boy, you can look soooo cute ^^
cute gift from my parents-in-law, yummmm ^^
diligent - brushee washee time....
 and swatching swatching swatching....
 Pat bought me a Hello Kitty Advent Calendar - he is such a cutie ^^
 comforting time with comforter....
 okay - thats not instagram - but I wanna show you one of the castles in the very near of our home :)
sunset from the view of my office....
and last but not least: Pat found a creepy blairwitchy house in the woods when he was on the road for work...scary, isn't it? ;)
Hope you had a great month!