I just wanted to buy some new sport-pants...

... but you should know me better...
Hey sweeties - 
last friday I was for a little break at my favourite mall with my office-mate. She joins me at gym since two weeks and we both needed some new sport-pants (my panty ripped at the last Zumba-lesson - I was so glad, that this didn't happened at circuit training where I have to hold up my botty from time to time... ha ha ^^')
And yes, I've bought some new sweatpants - but they are too dreary for this post (maybe I will show you together with my great new training-shoes - at your possible request)... but my other little hauls are more interesting...
 a grey bat-sweater with rivets - a cross and a galaxy leggings...
 glitterbatty ^^
and a new dark red scarf and a silver cross on a long necklace...
some weeks ago I've bought a new hoodie - and its sooooo fluffy and warm - and it has ears - yay!
 ...and a package from Hong-Kong find its long way to me - I wanted some Prada-styled baroque sunglasses for so long - and I got one for only 2 € (shipping inclusive) ... hihi ^^ - i love the matte black...
I hope I have soon more time to post some creative postings - I am so damn busy like every end of the year and beside my job I am spending a lot of time at gym (and it feels so good to get rid of my lazyness) - but I am planning some nice things soon - something to draw and something to sew... so be curious!


  1. Ive been wanting to try zumba for a while , sounds fun , loved the cross leggings , must be gorgeus with lhe some see through loose blouse bigger on the back .
    The cardigan is very cute , i hope i pan shake my lazyness too very soon

  2. Great finds!
    I really should need some exercise too :P