Nails... nails... nails...

...yes! I am addicted to nail polish! I admit it...

It's hard for me to pass by a rack full of pretty nail polish without buying anything.
Over time, it accumulates to approximately 200 vials in every color - I love to change the colour of my nails every week and i tested some techniques...

Here are some samples of my work:

** frosty nail art with sponge technique**

** vibrant blue glitter polish **

** metallic green with green zebra stripes **

** metallic plum and butterflies**

**space nails**

**turquoise and purple glitter**

**silver and spiderwebs**

**green nail art with sponge technique**

**violet + blue + leo**

**3D-holo + black crackle**

**green + leo**

Currently I wear dark violet with blue and purple glitter - but last week i ripped one of my nails so painful and deeply, that i dont wanna show you this horrible nail-massacre right now ;) 

so - be patient for the next polish-experiments!