of swedish and italian kitchens...

I curse you...Knut!

...yes! Knut! You old bastard!
And I don't mean this deceased icebear...
It's this awful sale at IKEA... I forgot that it's Knut-time... so I went to IKEA today without going into the store... It was so terribly crowded... and I didn't want some Knut-stuff – I wanted to buy a new kitchen. -.-'
Okay, new try next week – in the eveningtime... hope it won't be so overcrowded as on f***ing-knut-sale-saturdays *grumble grumble*

Yes – I need a kitchen since I moved in together with Pat – I only use a little mini-stove and a mini-pizza-oven right now.
But also with less capabilities I try to cook always adventorous...

So I made something very italian for dinner yesterday
...great to get rid of a few day old bread, its so easy and it tastes delicious.
 The main point is to use quality products like very good olive oil and fresh basil and pecorino. It tastes even better when you regard these little tips. :)

so here we go – all you need is (for 3-4 hungry creatures):
  • a package of small cherry tomatoes
  • a bundle of basil
  • 2 garlic cloves (or as seen in my pics fresh garlic – than you can add a whole garlic)
  • spaghetti (300 g)
  • 2 thick slices of some day old bread
  • oregano – dried or fresh
  • a huge amount of olive oil
  • salt + fresh ground pepper
  • 100 g pecorino cheese
a big old pecorino I got from my sweet "mother-in-law"

 Cut the tomatoes in a half and place them with the cutted side downside into a baking dish which is covered with olive oil - season it with salt and pepper.
Then mix chopped basil, fine chopped garlic, crumbled bread and fine crumbled pecorino in a bowl, add 4-5 tbs. olive oil and season it with salt and pepper. 

With this mixture you cover the tomatoes, if you want, add some oil and put it for 40 minutes at 200° C into the oven.

10 minutes before the dish is ready, cook the spaghetti. After this, drain them and toss them together with the bread+tomatoe-mixture. Tadaaaa! Ready to enjoy! ;)
om nom nom ^^
 ...I think, I will cook köttbullar today – in memory of bloody IKEA-Knut ...

Kisses and hugs