interim report...

...this week frazzles me out!

At the beginning of every year I have to do some field work and every day I am on the road from early morning until evening. So I have less time for enjoying a bit of free time... but the weekend is almost here...only 1 long day to go and then: parties, meeting good friends and having a great time together - and I am able to look forward for the next monday. Although its the beginning of another hard week with field work, it's also the date of the kitchen-delivery. Please keep your fingers crossed that IKEA will deliver on Monday :)

Today a package from China arrived me - it is from loool.more - a great ebay shop with very reasonable conditions :) ( klick for it :) )
I got this tip from Rosis Blog ( klick here for RsTheme :) ) (thanks for your inspiration my dear!)- My light-purple wig made its long way! Maybe I try it tomorrow evening...
Wish you all a great start into the weekend!