Mühselig ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen...

...or in Meeows free translation: hardscrabble nourishes the squirrel :D
(what a jawbreaker :D)

Sooooo - my kitchen is here - yay - but now we have a lot of work to do and millions of boxes transform a waste-disposal into a life's work T___T'
head-high mountain of paper... T_T
 Poor Pat is working so hard since Monday - first he built the body elements by himself... 

the first steps....
the stove... in the wrong corner... ^^
 on Tuesday my daddy helped him building the countertop and some other things... on Wednesday Pat constructed the drawers... and today on Thursday the kitchen almost drove him to insanity...
insanity in its purest form... Pat tries to crawl into the cupboard
the handles are absent... but they're waiting in the bag ^^
 Tomorrow a good friend will help him with the electric hook-up. That means something like: On friday evening I can use my new great ceran stove for the first time!!! Yaaaaay :D But on Saturday the first thing I'll have to do is to clean up the living room and vacate the whole kitchen stuff out of the dining corner... meeeeeh T___T

To reward myself for a hard week, I shopped at lush - rather for a birthday present for a friend  but I bought myself the limited bodybutter "love potion" - what a great scent - It smells just like my favorite lush-perfume "love" - I adore that smell of apple-pie and lemon... <3 
 And I got some samples: the coco lotion and a small slice of you've been mangoed.... the coco lotion is very rich and feels nuturing... 
soooo - 1 day to go until it's weekend...
wish you all the best!
Hugs & Kisses