Sleek + Barry M Review + Swatches

...Hello sweeties!

Finally - it's weekend and I got my kosmetik4less-package. (klick **HERE** for the shop)
I had a little shopping frenzy when I visited the onlineshop... so let's see what they sent me:

 2 Sleek palettes, 5 Barry M. lipsticks and 2 Orly nail polishes 

I couldn't wait to try the Sleek-palettes...
I love the cool style of the palettes...
i-Divine Acid
First i-Divine Acid:
The shimmering colors are beautiful, but first I was a little bit disappointed about the white and  neon-colors - without a good base the white in this palette doesn't cover well and the neons aren't so bright as I expected, the neon ones are less pigmented... 
But if you use it with an eye make up base, the colors reveal their brighteness... (it's a necesserity to use them with a base!)

My favorite colors in this palette are the shimmering magenta (upper row, No.1), the blue ones in the upper row, the matte violet (lower row, No. 1) and the blackish silver (second last in the lower row). (too bad,that they don't have names...)
 The texture is nice, blending the colors is very easy - that's a plus for me. 
But: don't use the applicator which comes with this palette - yuk... I don't like this terrible sponges - try them with a brush and you will be contented. ;)

Another reason to try this palettes is: they are soooo cheap - on kosmetik4less I payed roughly 8 €. But I expected they are a little bit bigger - the palettes look so big on the pictures - but it's okay for a price under 10 €.

And now to Me, Myself and Eye:

this shades have - compared to the Acid palette - names! :D
from left to right - upper row:
Barry White - Black Box - Salt 'n' Peppermint - Simply Red - Pink Beret - Primal Green
lower row:
Fade to Grey - Blue Monday - Supernova - Chris de Burgundy - Lilac Allen - Golden Silvers

Comparing to Acid the colors are more pigmented - the white one is brighter than the eyeshadow in the Acid palette - but my favorite ones are the metallic shades: Primal Green (an antique gold with a little bit green) Fade to Grey (dark silver) and Golden Silvers (yellow gold) - the matte ones are already bright without a primer - I am curious to try them with a base...

so here is the first eye make up style I tried yesterday - with the help of the both palettes:

I mixed both palettes - the shimmering magenta+neon pink from Acid palette and the other from MM&E.

and now a little sneak preview of the Barry M. Lipsticks:
 Green - Silver Glitter - palest Lavender - Black and Lavender
the colors on my arm...

But what a pity - the dark Lavender turned rancid as it seems - it smelled yucky and the lipstick seems to turned into a wax crayon. I will have to trade it in. (I don't put the blame on kosmetik4less, because the lipsticks come shrink-wrapped so they cannot check the quality)
The other ones have a nice and melty texture - they aren't dry on your lips and they are well covering with a satin glow. The green and the black ones are vibrant and the glitter stick is nice for topping. 
I will try them the next days one by one - I heard about the long-lasting quality of these lipsticks - we will see... Pictures will follow ;)

The both Orly-nail-polishes will also be tested within the next days and I will tell you about them... :)

Last but not least I went to DM yesterday and got some new lashes:
the essence crazy good times limited edition
aren't they gorgeous? I think I will try one of them tonight ... ;)

wish you all a great weekend
kisses kisses and kisses