i love amethysts...

...especially the Sleek True Colour Lipstick...

Hey sweeties!
Two days ago, a package from kosmetik4less.de arrived me -
- I told you in a former post about the barry M. lipstick which turned rancid - I wrote to kosmetik4less and they prompt sent me another new lipstick - the Sleek true colour lipstick in amethyst.
I am totally happy about the nice contact with the ladies from kosmetik4less and their goodwill. And I've learned: It doesn't hurt to ask when your lipstick is rancid :)
The lipstick has a very nice package - the matte case looks precious ...
and the color is very intensive and more matte than shimmering. 
It feels a little bit dryer than the Barry M. lipsticks, but the color is longlasting and well covering.
 I like that vibrant purple!

amethyst kisses