Red is love and red is life...

...splashed upon my basement walls... 
 (The Other - lovesick mind)

Hey Sweeties -

just a little Sunday blogpost today. 

After a long party night yesterday, Pat and I had to get up early today by our normal-Sunday-standards and visited his grandmother for cakes and coffee. So the day comes to an end much faster than I expected and the next working week will be filled with a lots of duties and tasks. -.-'

To be not absolutely inactive this weekend - I wanna show you my yesterdays make up - I used MAC eyeshadow, the Sleek palette Me, Myself & Eye, my new Barry M lipstick in black together with Lime Crime candy apple carousel gloss, P2 lip- and eyeliner and false lashes from essence.
When I continued tidying up the walk-in-closet, I found my long-time-not-worn skull dress in one of our thousand moving-boxes ... it was time to give this dress a new chance :D

Wish you all a great start into the new week.

Hugs and kisses