my Skelepants went walkies...

...for the first time ^^

Yesterday I went the second time to the little club "Eigenart" in Lüdenscheid - and it was a very nice and funny evening with some friends - even though we couldn't take any pics there because it was too dark and foggy (they exagerated with the smoke machine a little bit :D).

So it was the best time to take my new painted Skelepants out for the night....
I love my Demonia boots - i should wear them more often...
messy bedroom is messy - but the contrast with red hair and purple walls is so great ^^
crackled holo nails ;)
Sugarpill's Goldilux on the under eye ^^

 the shirt is a gift from my lovely Pat - I loooooove The Lost Boys and Kiefer Sutherland ^^
 make up: sugarpill Goldilux - Essence eyeshadow in black + white - red eyeshadow by MAC and limecrime lipgloss candy apple :)

Hope you enjoyed it :)
Hugs and kisses