Meeow is doing a half-moon-manicure...

...a little tutorial for you!

Hey sweeties!

A friend of mine told me about doing a half moon manicure with the help of reinforcing rings (I use them in the office but I never get aware that they could be great little helpers). So I tested it and... it's so easy with a great result. Thanks a lot by the way Cira! :-*
I had a scuffed mani with Catrice Heavy Metallilac I did a few days ago - so I decided to use this color as basecoat for the half moon mani.
unbeautiful... T___T
 Now it's time for our little helpers:
tadaaaaaa ;D
next step: apply the stickers on your nails and press them on - abide by the naturally half moon on your nails...

now it's time for the darker color - I used P2 black deluxe limited edition No. 010 black pearl
let it dry thoroughly before peeling the stickers off your nails... after using a top coat here is the result:

Hope you like my little tutorial :)