Darling, I am going to the city, and I only wanna buy a new sketch pad...

...I said to Pat, but art supply stores are bad bad baaaaad!

Yesterday I went to the city center after work to buy only some needful things at DM and a new sketch pad after my dear cat Romeo wrecked my last one...

Unsurprisingly the plan failed - at DM I fainted at the mascaras and the new limited edition of essence (I will show you the next posting) - and at Idee creativ I broke down with gouaches (my last gouaches turned..."crispy" :D ) and Fimo modelling clay (I need some new hair accessoires ^^).
 ...when I came home I directly tried out my new sketch pad :)
The third one of my Sugarskull-princess-series is in progress :)

Wish you all a great start into the weekend!