Lost Sounds Saturday...

...and Meeow was there!

Hey sweeties!
Yesterday it was one of my favourite parties in a club in Wuppertal and i thought it was time to wear some pretty things I bought the last days... and I tried out my new Kimchi Bambi Grey contact lenses which finally arrived me after weeks of waiting last week.
(pics taken by instagram, you can find me there with my username "zombieliebchen")
 Accessoires: Peacock earrings and birdskull necklace: Restyle.pl, silver bat necklace: second hand
 eye make up: Sleek curacao palette, black gel eyeliner by u.m.a., lashes by essence, contact lenses: Kimchi Bambi grey
Boots: Demonia
Tights: Pamela Mann
Skirt: H&M
Corset+ribcage belt: Restyle
blouse: Tally Weijl

before I got dressed up, I played the perfect housewife :D and made some yummy stuff:
from left to right: skittles crazy cores wodka with blueberry-lemon and with mango-peach and vanilla wodka...
om nom nom... macadamia white chocolate cookies
the cats weren't impressed :D

Wish you all a good start into the new week!