send me a box full of beauty #4

...the Douglas Box of Beauty Nr. 4!

Hey sweeties!

Yesterday my 4th box of beauty arrived me and I was pleasantly surprised about the variety of this box...
1. The original size product this month: Philip B. Peppermint&Avocado-Shampoo
Hmmm okay, 60 ml is not very much for an original size shampoo - but I was very satisfied, when I tried it today. The shampoo smells very strong of peppermint and it refreshes your scalp after a long night. Its with natural peppermint and with botanical extracts. I used it today without any hair conditioner cause this shampoo is a 2 in 1-product. And my instractable hair was still combable. 
The hair feels light and a bit more volume.
I won't use it as an everyday-shampoo - My dry and curly hair needs more nurture. But I think, it's a nice shampoo for summerdays :)
2. Boss Bottled Night - showergel for men
For MEN? Okay, Pat is happy about that showergel, he likes its scent. But a showergel for MEN? Will the next BoB comes with shavingcream and aftershave?
3. Yves Saint Laurent - Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking (2 ml)
I tested it today - I like the scent of this mascara (hmm... Mascara with fragrance). I like mascara samples, they suit perfectly in my travel-cases. But the shocking-effect stayed away - it's a good mascara, the black is nice, my lashes are perfectly divided and look a bit longer, but my cheap P2-Lash-Bomb-Mascara definitely beats it ;)
4. Clinique 7 Days Scrub - Face peeling (30 ml)
My absolute favourite in this box - I tested it today and my skin feels so gentle and soft after using it. Its without perfume and it prepares my skin perfectly for using a facial mask.
The peeling is gentle and smooth and the granules are fine and not too scrubby (I hate big granules and I don't like it, when it feels like scouring creme on your face...urgh)
5. ck one shock for her - showergel (30 ml)
You can never have enough showergels ^^ But I didn't use it today - the fragrance is very unflashy in the tube - I will see, if it smells more intensive when I take a shower with it ^^
All in one I can say, this box was better than the last ones, cause the variety was better and there was no totally dead loss this time in it.

Would you buy some of these things in original size?

Wish you all a pretty sunday!


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Hey sweeties!
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