Official permission to stare at Meeow's decolletage...

...cause the plaster is away! (YAY!)

Hey sweeties!
My plaster is away and now it's time to show you my beloved microdermal I got last week - It was very uncomplicated, the pain was endurable and was only a little stitchy when my piercer made the punch with a biopsy needle - but after that no puffiness, no red palms, no discharge - I am totally happy!
sooooo tiny ^^

 Do you have any microdermals or other bodymods? Let me know!
Wish you all a sweet Saturday evening :-*

Essence Rebels Limited Edition...

...a DM haul and a little review!

Hey sweeties!
Since last month the essence Rebels Limited Edition is in the market. First I thought, it doesn't interest me a lot, I am not a big fan of nude lipsticks and apricot rouge - but then I read some other blogs and the positive experiences the most bloggers had with that LE - and they get me hooked a bit - so I gave them a try and entered the DM-shop.

The haul:
rock coat, lip & cheek pot, matte lipgloss and spiderweb mascara

1. lip & cheek pot 01 Peach Punk
First impression: "wow - thats quite orange - I cannot suggest that this orange thingie looks natural on my cheeks..." but I was disabused. This cream blush is pretty and gives a pink shimmer on your cheeks and you can blend it perfectly.
Only two things I have to criticize: 
1. the balm is sweating. It doesn't harm the product but it looks a bit yucky - its not a fact of any bad quality.
2. I felt like the rouge doesnt last the whole day - you have to refresh it from time to time... 
The rouge on my hand - a little bit too orange... but...
...after blending it looks pretty rosy and natural...
all things considered its a really positive result. Blending is very easy, the balm is very smooth, economical and it smells neutral, the color is natural and gives a fresh look on your cheeks.

2. Rebels Soft Matte Lipgloss
And now to something very different than glossy lips - matte! 
I bought both available colors ...

01 - mauve like a rockstar
02 - rebel delight
left: rebel delight, right: mauve like a rockstar

left: mauve like a rockstar ; right: rebel delight
The gloss itself feels very smooth on the lips - you dont have any feeling of dryness - it feels silky and it has a nice fragrance. Both colors are very nudy - Even though I am not a big fan of nude colors - I like them - they are perfect for my everyday office-look. But to get an evenly result you have to apply more than one paint application. The finish is matte as essence promised. But as the most lipglosses the wearing time is not very longlasting - I have to apply the gloss several times during the day...
mauve like a rockstar
rebel delight
3. The spiderlash mascara
One of the most unnecessary products out of this LE I have to say... This mascara is described as a product, which gives an unique look to your lashes and creates a special effect. With the help of the little brush you can create and define "spider's legs" - hey - thats not very difficult - I can define spider's legs with any mascara - if I don't take care in the early morning... so why, essence, why???
And besides this: I make heavy weather of mascara - and this product doesnt satisfy me in all ways - no volume, no length, no deep black I need - and NO special effect. So: FAIL!

4. The Rock Coat
Hmmm... tricky tricky to say something about that coat - I think I have to take some tests before I can make a conclusion...
This coat is transparant and smokey light black with some black particles in it - it gives polish a smokey and darker look - but the little black particles are difficult to apply onto nails - the consistence of this polish is very thin.
I will do some experiments in a coming post to show you the effect of this coat - but my first impression is, that its not a polish, which sweeps me off my feet.

Hope you liked my little review - did you make experiences with this LE? Let me know!