Cinco de Mayo retrospect...

 better late than never... 

Hey sweeties -
Last Monday I met a few good and also made some new friends - celebrating the 1st of May. Pat and I went to a good friend in Essen - we started there - drove by taxi into the inner-city to visit some bars and ended finally at where we've started: the apartment of our friend Sabrina ^^
It was an epic night and I wish every day could be like this may-day.....
group-photo! we're all looking a bit like little vampires with glowing eyes....
Mille - Sarah - Pat
Manny and I - I look a bit whacked... okay - it was... early in the morning ^^
Pat posed for a portrait.... XD
Pat - Manny - Kitten
love ya too ^^

How did you celebrate the first day of May? Let me know!