of sugarskulls and glitterbats...

...Meeow dabbles in polymer clay jewellery!

Hey sweeties...
 sorry that I've been a bit in delay with my posts the last weeks - but I am busy as hell... and I am looking forward for a free week in the last quarter of June - I am planning a little trip to Berlin with a good friend of mine and maybe we visit another place after some days in one of my favourite cities... I am looking forward for some days off work!
In the meantime I rediscovered polymer clay - I started some works last week - I made a necklace, some hair barrettes and earrings. I think they're looking quite nice for my first trying...
Sugarskull necklace, barrettes and earrings
Glitterbat workpieces for necklaces
Glitterbat barrette
Do you have any experiences in polymer clay? Let me know - I am interested in new inspirations :)