some little things ...

...I really needed... really!!! :D

Hey sweeties -
- I actually gave myself a shopping-forbiddance before I am going to enter Paris ... but a collective order is always too seductive - so I get some nice things from my favourite Polish online shop ^^ (klick here for Restyle.pl)
awesome skeleton bracelet - but I must admit that this time I am not satisfied with the quality - the black varnish is crackeling and even though its a free size I think its a bit too tight for me... but I will wear it the next time I am off for a party :)
I love these faux leather gloves - I think they have something like Gaga... I like the sweet bow with its rivets... totally rock'n'roll ^^
Aaaaaaand: a closeup of my new Addams Family shirt! Love love love! 

okay - now I promise - I won't go shopping again until I am in Paris ^^