Tim Burton ♥

...or: Meeow attended the Tim Burton exposition at the cinematheque francaise in Paris

Hey sweeties,

as I pre-announced I visited the Tim Burton exposition when I was in Paris last week - The exhibition was at the cinematheque francaise in Paris and it was great and so inspiring. 
After we waited more than an hour in the waiting queue and directly in the hot noonday sun, Pat and I were totally glad when we went in there...
Unfortunately taking pictures wasn't allowed so I can show you nothing but the pics from the outdoor area...
darkened doors.... and beyond them a mass of Tim Burton's artworks....
The museum accomodated two little shops where Tim Burton stuff was sold... I planned to buy the big big artbook of Tim Burtons works in english - but it was sold out - so I decided to buy it in the french version - it's okay - I am trying to improve my knowledge of french so thats the classiest way to learn better french :D
a lot of Tim Burton stuff... Pins, Magnetpins, the artbook, posters and postcards....
 Posters for our home.... I've ever wanted an Edward Scissorhands poster  ♥
the object of my desire... L'art de Tim Burton ♥
I love this big big artbook full with drawings and informations - I am so glad that I've spend nearly 50 Euros for that book - but if I didn't bought it, I would drive home with a sad face ;)
Vincent :)
Sweeney Todd
do you recognize him?
Lydia :)
haha... congenial to my Paris-trip :D
I recommend that book to all Tim Burton fans - its a bit expensive, but with more than 1000 illustrations and 430 pages (partially with big fold-out pages) it's worth its price! ♥

so... now its time for me to learn more french by reading this book ;)