Liebster Blog Award :)

Hey sweeties...
whohoooo I am tagged by the sweet Laura of color spirit attitude for the Liebster Blog Award ... thank you soooo much sweety! :-* that's my second blog award and I am feeling so proud of it :)

The Rules:
I. Post 11 facts about yourself.
II. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
III. Create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
IV. Tag 11 people.

I. 11 random things about myself:
1. I am a typical aries - I am stubbornly, obstinately, emotionally and impulsive.

2. Sometimes, I can be a little crybaby... -.-'

3. Even if I need to do phonecalls the whole day at office, I hate making a telephone call in my free time - and if I don't know the number who is calling me, I dont answer the phone.  

4. I like to eat Ferrero Rocher in the following order: first nibble off the chocolate cover, second: divding the biscuit inside to lick out the chocolate cream inside, third: eating the hazelnut inside, fourth: eating the biscuit ^^

5. I have always painted nails - I feel naked without nail polish

6. I never go outside without doing my eyebrows - even if I just get outside to take out the garbage ^^'

7. I have a totally phobia of maggots and little black bugs - but I like spiders, very big bugs (like hissing cockroaches or hercules beetles) and other creepy creatures. 

8. I have a lot of shoes in my closet I only worn for fitting and now they all waiting for their big appearance.

9. I've learned some languages (besides my mothertongue German) - English, French, Spanish and Russian - but I only can speak English fluent...

10. I have the silly habit to talk with my hands (looks a little bit like jack sparrow doing sign language ^^)

11. I am the mistress of procrastinating!

II. Tagger's questions: 
1. If you were to choose a different hairstyle, what kind of look would you choose?
I would choose a bright color like purple or pink and a pin-up-hairstyle with betty bangs - but at my job its difficult to look too "punky" - But I am planning dying my hair in my holidays in dark tulip from directions ;)

2. What are 3 objects closest to you at this moment?
my cat Romeo (nooo he is no object but he is close to me), a big bottle of volvic and a big box of "Dickmann's" (its a german chocolate covered whipped cream marshmallow - and I hate that stuff *urgh*)

3. Which would be that indispensable product you could not live without?
Coffee!!! :D

4. What is a trend that you completely dislike?
I dont like those duckfeet-nails - they are looking like shovels on the fingers - sooooo ugly!

5. Who is your favourite celebrity and why?
Johnny Depp - he is an awesome actor and so versatile - and he is really good looking ;)

6. How would you describe your ideal guy?
Best friend, a mixture of a man with a peter pan syndrome, humoristic and honest

7. Favourite Quote?
"Rose tints my world keeps me safe from my trouble and pain" (Rocky Horror Show)

8. Top 3 beauty sins (bad habits)?
- sometimes i don't remove my make up before going to bed
- if I am in a hurry, I often paint over my old nailpolish on my nails - thats only damage control ...
- even if my hair needs a haircut and has splitted ends, I hate to go to the hairdresser

9. What country would you most like to visit and why?
I want to visit the USA to visit some of my friends there... make a big road trip from coast to coast ;)

10. What is your biggest dream?
emigrate with my love... maybe to Canada....

11. Which is the color you like using mostly in your make-up?
i think its violet - i love purple colors :)

III. My questions:
1. do your familymembers nickname you? What nickname they use?
2. do you have a strange habit? what is it?
3. do you have a habit that is annoying your fellow human beings? tell me :)
4. what was your first cuddly toy and what was its name?
5. Time for bed - what are you wearing?
6. what is your favourite piece of clothing in your closet?
7. tell me how looks a perfect holiday for you!
8. when you was a child - what were your future plans?
9. If you could be a character from a book or a movie - whom you would choose?
10. whats your favourite movie?
11. do you have any beauty tricks? what are they?

IV. Tags:
I am tagging (sorry if you already got this award ;) - and I am only tagging 8 bloggers this time - anyone who likes to answer my questions and isnt tagged is welcome :) )
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