DM is a big curse to my purse ...

...the last hauls... ^^

Hey sweeties,
last week I was in DM for two times - yes, I am a little drugstore-junkie - i know - but even if I tried to buy only needful things like cleanser, smoked tofu (the hazelnut-almond-tofu is so yummy) and shampoo I stopped by the displays of essence, P2 and catrice... it's a curse - and besides I am a DM-junkie, I am also a nailpolish-addicted... ^^'
Aaaaand: essence got a new Limited Edition: the cherry blossom girl LE....
 I bought these awesome paper lashes, nail polish in "02 my little kimono" and black eyeliner pencil....
the paperlashes are an absolute highlight of this LE - I cant wait to wear them :) I bought two packages - one is for my planned 100-readers-giveaway :)
the 2-in-1 eyeliner pen in "01-big in Japan" was love at the second sight. I tried it on my upper arm and was disappointed that the lines seem to disperse on my skin... but I tried it with a eyeshadow base and I fell in love - the black is brilliant and the brushes are so easy to handle. Another great thing is that the liner is semi-permanent. Even after demaking up, the lines stayed on my eyelids - they were lighter but I think its a big pro for long-lasting nights ;)
and then my nail-polish-frenzy:
bling bling for Meeow - essence nail art cracking top coat in "06 - crack me! pearly pink" and essence nail art special effect topper "13 - mrs and mr glitter"
crack me! pearly pink is more a deep and vibrant magenta than a pink - the glitter is very fine and dense - didn't tried it yet but I am curious about the "3D-effect" on my nails...
mrs and mr glitter is a clear polish with big glitter flakes in blue, golden green and black - it looks like mermaid-scales - very beautiful - especially on black nailpolish.
the catrice haul...
from left to the right:
810 - ACid DC
910 - Oh my Goldness
600 - After Eight
905 - Steel my Soul

ACid DC is a bright yellowgreen with an iridescent glow
Oh my Goldness is more copper than gold with a great metallic shimmer
After Eight is just like the package of the famous chocolate-mint-delicacies - a deep dark green with a metallic duochrome touch
Steel my Soul is one of the new "brushed metal effect"-polishes - its a light grey-violet with a lot of tiny iridescent flimmer glimmer bits in gold and green - I cannot spot the brushed metal effect but it looks fantastic
and here are the polishes on my nails... from top to bottom: ACidDC, After Eight, Oh my Goldness, Steel my Soul and the cherry blossom LE of essence "my little kimono" :)
I am looking for some neutral eyeshadows at the moment - especially for my job (I really love my bright eyeshadows - but they are mostly too bright for office ^^)
 so I tried out P2 matte dream eyeshadow in 070 - grey pleasure ... oh and I bought a new concealer ;)
 the eyeshadow is a matte taupe-grey color which covers perfectly with the help of an eyeshadow base....
 oh and by the way - this is the cherry blossom girl eyeliner :)
love that grey :)
soooo - can you withstand the temptation in a good sorted drugstore? ;)

Zeit für den Suppenkasper in mir...

...or: yummy vegan vegetable noodle hot pot :)

hey sweeties...
time for another yummy recipe I created last week - I started getting a flu and so I thought about giving me an extra kick of vitamines ^^ - so I did a quick and healthy pottage with white beans, celery, carrots, leak and vegan weenies. Even Pat loved that soup and picked out the weenies to demolish them all on his own ^^

here we go - you need following things (it's enough for 4 hungry ghouls):
a big can of white beans (ein großes Glas weisse Bohnen)
a bundle celery (ein Bündel Staudensellerie)
a bundle spring onions (ein Bund Frühlingszwiebeln)
2 cloves of garlic (2 Knoblauchzehen)
6-8 carrots (6-8 Möhrchen)
2 l vegetable stock (2 Liter Gemüsebrühe)
250 g whole wheat noodles (250 g Vollkornnudeln)
pepper (Pfeffer)
salt (Salz)
olive oil (Olivenöl)
1 package frozen parsley (1 Packung TK-Petersilie)
1 package vegan sausages / vegan weenies (1 Packung Würstchen - z. B. vegane Miniwiener)

first step: chop chop chop....
cut the spring onions, the celery, the garlic, the carrots into small pieces...
second step: roast them a while...
put the garlic, the celery and the carrots into hot olive oil and stir them for some minutes...
add the spring onions and the white beans at last... and fill everything up with the soup stock.. let it boil for 10 minutes...

third step: noodles are always a good idea...
add the whole wheat noodles...
let it stir on little flame for 10 more minutes...

step four: hmmmm... weenies:
cut the weenies into slices and add them to the soup - warm it up...
 season it with salt, a lot of fresh grounded black pepper and parsley:
step five:
om nom nom ;)
hope you liked my little recipe!
Wish you all a great sunny sunday :-*