Why Meeow ended up on a 1-€-Party last Saturday...

...or: how you visit a party completely overdressed and don't give a fuck about it ;)

Hey sweeties...
sorry - I've been late with my post but my weekend was soooo busy busy busy. As I told you I was on a quest for finding the car of my dreams since 2 weeks and on Saturday I finally found my new baby, my "Mia". It's a silver-metallic Mazda MX-5 (in US it's Mazda Miatra):
This week I am doing everything clear to take it home - hope I can drive it next weekend for the first time - that would be awesome! I am so happy about it! Although silver isn't my favorite color (I dreamed about a MX-5 in deep black) but I think about decorating it with some black bats in the future. ;)
That's one part of my last weekend - the rest of it I was driving from town to town with Pat (for my car-quest), I was shopping on Friday evening (I will tell you about in a later post), cooking the first pumpkin-soup of the year (also in a later post), receive my next Box of Beauty (umm... yeah... later post ;) ) and on Saturday evening Pat took me to a party at a little metal-club where we met some of his old friends. We didn't know that it was a flatrate-party on this evening and we were only a handful of alternative/black/goth/metal-folks there - so I was completely overdressed for this "event" *haha* but it was a nice evening and the music was mixed but most of the time endurable...
♥ shrug - Queen of Darkness
♥ lace top - New Yorker
♥ miniskirt - H&M
♥ wet-look-snakeprint-leggings - KIK (really - lol)
♥ fake suede wedges - Primark
♥ legwarmers - somewhere from a market in Venlo (Netherlands)
♥ chain belt - second hand

its a pity that the pic doesn't present the shiny look of my snakeprint-leggings - I rather go to KIK to buy my clothes - but this leggings was an exception.
I put my winged-skull-necklace from restyle.pl on...
overexposed face - it was just the flashlight that made my skin so white ^^
silver-skeleton-hand-hair-goodie also from restyle.pl and violet nails with the new essence crackle polish I've bought last week...
purple eye makeup - with the Sleek Acid-palette and Kiko No. 158 and black semi-permant-eyeliner from the cherry-blossom-girl LE from essence...
Luckily I didn't wear my fake lashes as I planned - I was completely overdressed - but hey - I didn't care ;)
So - what have you done last weekend?
Wish you all a great start into the new week!