cheaply Halloween?

or: Tedi is sometimes a little treasure chest...

Hey sweeties
from time to time I sneak a peak at the local Tedi-store for  getting my hands on some bargains there...
For all non-German-readers: Tedi is a chain of discount stores here in Germany.
Sad to say that the Halloween-boom isn't so big in Germany - so the Halloween-stuff is very rare to find - but this time I found some stuff for alltogether 5,50 € *yay*
some evil window stickers (rats and bloody bones - really cheesy so nothing really special :D), nails stickers and a sparkling spider necklace....
love these nail stickers... the little coffins are glowing in the dark and the rats and the witches are glittering (bad flashlight kills all glitter) - can't wait to try them on my nails...
and this baby for only 1,50 €
 love it - it is covered with black rhinestones and its sparkling so nice - happy about this bargain ^^
so - do you also take a sneakpeak on discounter-stores? Or do you avoid those junk shops?