My heart is beating with the help of melted steel and coal...

...or: Ruhrpott, watt habbich dich gern!
Hey sweeties,
yesterday I was on a one-day-trip with my office and we went to one of the most impressive places in the Ruhr Region - Zeche Zollverein (colliery Zollverein). An old colliery in the deepest heart of the Ruhr Area in Essen. Zollverein was closed in the middle of the 1980s and those coalmines are a typical note of the place where I live and where I was born.
Today Zollverein is an industrial monument and is part of the World Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO. It's more than rusty steel, abandoned machine-halls and wide wasteground - you can explore the whole wide area of the colliery and it's amazing inside and outside.
 For me, it's a bit of proud heritage, ancestry and background... my greatgrandpa, my grandpa, my dad - everyone worked in a coalmine in this area - as we say "haben im Pütt malocht" - and my Dad is really an old hand ruhr-valley resident. His heart also beats with the help of melted steel and coal - just like mine.
an acrylic version of the whole coalmine-area with animated screens...
Oh and I did my first Geocaching-Run there - it was so much fun - and guess who was the winner with her group? ;) I think I need a GPS soon - I tasted blood yesterday *hihi*
After geocaching we had dinner in the coalmine-restaurant and everything was soooo yummy ...
I had warm apfelstrudel (soooooo gooood) - but the warm waffles of my office-mate looked more spectacular :D
Right after we had a little rest, we had a little tour at the colliery and it was very interesting... 
The orange light is a symbol for the melted steel ... The Ruhr Area is significant for coal, coke and steel-industry....
and we had an awesome view at the top of the cokery - a panoramic view over the whole ruhr-area...
as you can see - Our region isn't steel and concrete at all - it's pretty green around... :)
It was a great day with a lot of fun :)
...on that note:
Glück auf! ;)