Jeffrey brings down my passions...

or: Meeow on shoe-cloud-nine ♥
(not only figuratively :D)

Hey sweeties,
my last week was hard, exhausting and I had some moments I felt very tiny and weak... but then on Thursday a big package arrived me and I felt like a little child on christmas morning ^^ 
As you know I've bought a new car but lucky I am my budget allowed me to buy some new shoes for my "Mia" (winter-tires ^^) and some new shoes for Meeow 
I was longing for soooooo long for these shoes - now they are mine ♥ First I planned to buy some fake Litas - but with size 40 you hardly have a chance to get some for those big feet... its nearly impossible (or the sellers of those fake-Litas don't ship to Germany)
 I was a bit afraid of the heel height and the plateau but I've read so much about the comfort of Jeffrey Campbell's Litas - and it's true - they are very comfy and I think my feet would endure a long partynight in these shoes :)
I cannot wait to wear them with an adequate outfit
(now available in height 188 cm ;) )