Liebster Award II

Hey sweeties :)
The cute and beautiful Mademoiselle A. tagged me for my second Liebster Award - thank you sooo much, everytime I get an award I am so happy about it and I feel so honored!
The rules of this award are:
Post 11 facts about yourself
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you
Create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer
tag 11 people
Because it's my second Liebster Award, I will reduce it this time with answering the questions Mademoiselle A. asked me - you can read about the 11 facts about myself in this post *click* ;) and because I had tagged 11 people with my first Liebster Award I wanna apologize that I don't tag anyone this time.
so here is the Q&A:

1. Do you care about the lyrics of the songs you are listening to or not? How much are they important for you?
It depends on a song - I like some songs for their melody but there are some bands I am always caring for their lyrics - especially those of Placebo and Deine Lakaien... I also like songs I don't understand (there is a turkish goth band for example - I like their music but I don't care about their lyrics ^^) - but if a song gets more complex, I often search for its lyrics...
2. Does music have an important part in your live?
Oh yes, I need music like water and air.
3. Is there a city, a special place where you would like to live and have you in mind to move there in the future?
Indeed - I am planning to move away from Germany in some years - and go to Canada :)
4.  Which time of the life is the greatest for you? (childhood, teenage, adult?)
I think the best time is now, my early 30s - I don't have that teenage-stress anymore, I am in the middle of my life and I feel stable and solid, I have a good job, a loving man, a great home - and I can do what I want whenever I want :)
5. Do you prefer to stay at home or to go out as much as possible?
I enjoy those weekends where I can stay in my pyjamas and playing the couch-potato and I also enjoy long partynights :) i think the mixture of both is the best :)
6. Do you like to read and what kind of books? Is there one you really enjoy most than other ones?
I prefer reading non-fictional books - it's really rare that I am reading any fictional things - but I adore books about art, artists, history and architecture! If I am reading novels I prefer fantasy... 
7. Do you prefer to buy your clothes on shops like New Look or H&M, to go to vintage shop and find unique stuff to wear or to buy your clothes on line?
Never been at New Look (is there a shop in Germany?) but I often buy things at H&M, Primark, New Yorker or Gina Tricot - and combine it with other clothes, vintage, designer stuff and self-sewn ;)
8. What band or musician was your first concert?
Haha - it was HIM... I fell in love with Ville Vallo when I was 17 ^^
9. Do you prefer to buy "real" cd's, books or dvds or are you totally open to the concept of buying music, movies or books by downloading them on line?
I prefer buying DVDs and books - I cannot put up with those e-book-stuff - its prettier to have your shelves full with old and dusty books ;) 
10. Do you enjoy tea?
oh yes - I love tea - actually I fell in love with Kusmi-tea, I've bought on my Paris-trip 
11. Do you like video games? What kind?
I am loosing interest fast when I am playing videogames - sometimes I like those role-playing stuff but after playing it a while, it annoys me :D
so if you wanna answer the questions of my first Liebster Award , feel free :)