[Look of the day] Party on a Tuesday evening...

...and some batwinged eyes...

Hey sweeties,
yesterday Pat and I were at a party at a tiny club near Cologne and met some friends, listened and danced to the great music and had some drinks. For all non-Germans who are reading my blog: today its a Holiday here in Germany ;)
I tried out my new eyeliner, wore my new spiked Litas and my newest tights-haul from Primark...
I thought about getting a little twist in my eyemakeup, so I painted some batwings ... inspired by a Lady, I saw on makeupbee.com.
I will post a tutorial soon to show you how to draw those little batwings easily ;)
 ombre-lips with barry m. amethyst lipstick in the center and the great lumene-lipgloss I got from Karoliina
after my last bow-tights were shreddered by our washingmachine, I bought these tights at Primark - really love them.
It was the first time to go out with my new Litas
today, after a cozy bubblebath and a fresh facemask, I am couching and enjoying some baked-apple-tea and watching documentaries... Yay! A free day in the middle of the week is awesome!
So, dear German readers - how do you spend your free Wednesday?