...or: the awesome adventures of Mister Sugarpurr...
Hey sweeties,
the last days I felt the urge to draw a lot... and everytime I sketched a bit, jumped up Mister Sugarpurr - 
 maybe it's the fact that Halloween is near, maybe it's because I have a new sketchblock and new pens to check out, maybe it's because I like him... it makes so much fun to draw him...
and by this time he's got a... hmmm.. let me say it's a "girlfriend" - hmmm maybe she is just one of those crazed fangirls, but I think she really fell in love with him... although he seems not to be happy about this situation... 
 But I am in a mess with creating a name for her... she is the image of my cat Luna - but I don't wanna steal the name of another fictional cat (Luna from Sailormoon, hihi.
- so I need your help: any good ideas for a name for Mr Sugarpurr's little girlfriend? Let me know about your suggestions, I am curious!
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