*drum roll* she finally has a name!

Mr. Sugarpurr's little friend - or: say hello to Miss Fortune :)
Hey sweeties,
as I told you some days ago *click here* - I was searching for the perfect name for Mister Sugarpurr's girlfriend. It was very hard for me to choose one of the numerous names my readers suggested for her... there were so many great ideas and beautiful names - but a friend of mine did the best suggestion...:
 Miss Fortune - the calico
i think the name fits perfect to her - in Germany or also in Japan calicos are called futune/luck - cats or maneki neko - so Miss Fortune is a great amphibology.
Mister sugarpurr loves spending time with Miss Fortune...
they are such a sweet couple... maybe one day the will marry and get tiny little kittens????
 I am planning a little comic story for Mister Sugarpurr - if you have any suggestions for an awesome adventurous and wacky story let me know! I am always thankful for inspirations!