a gift from a cute blogger friend...

...or: hey, you've got pumpkins on your ears!
Hey sweeties!
I am so incurably - I was such a busy bee the last weeks and I made so much pics for new blog-posts and when I had a free day, I spent it with gym or lying lazy on my couch...
But now I planned some blogposts, announced the next days - so be curious!
First blogpost after a little break is dedicated to the sweet and lovely Twinkler from Twinkler's Treasures , I participated on a giveaway raffle she did some weeks ago but I hadn't luck - so after some days I received a mail from her, if I would like to have a pair of the earrings she also made for the giveaway, cause I told her in a comment, that I really love the little pumpkins - even though Halloween is over...
So she made me a really cute gift - wrapped in a creepy-cute tablecloth, cause she thought, I would like it - and yes - I love it!
I am so happy about my new little pumpkin friends ...
...and it makes so happy that I have so lovely blogger-mates - really, Twinkler, I am so proud and feel so honoured about that gift - I wear them so often since they arrived - so cuties! Thank you so much again!
And - if you are a bit make up addicted like me - you really should visit her awesome blog! My favourites are her nailpolish reviews! Cast an eye at her! *click here*
Wish you all a great Sunday!