Sugarpill's @#$%! - eyeshadow

 ...red and black and glitter for Meeow!
Hey sweeties,
when sugarpill puplished their @#$%! - eyeshadow for just 3 days (October 19th - 21st) I didn't mind my credit lines and orderd it, cause before that it was only available at IMATS L.A: - and after 3 weeks of waiting, my kitty-package arrived in Germany:
 hmmmm - a package full of goodies - a sample of loose eyeshadow and a sticker as an extra *yay*
I adore that cute packagings of Sugarpill!
 First I thought that @#$%! is a bit like Love+ , but its lighter and is packed full with silver glitter...
The eyeshadow swatched on my hand without any primer and dry applied:
 you can see - its glittery and its really well covering (just like every eyeshadow of Sugarpill) - love that glittery red!
 The sample was the loose Stella eyeshadow - I really love it - it's deep black with rainbow glitter - so great - I think one day I will order this eyeshadow!
Do you like  @#$%! ? ( I really love that name - but how do I spell it? :D)