cat flu...

Hey sweeties!
It's a bit quiet at CATastrophes'n'CATacombs because I am sick - having a big bad flu and I spend my days with lying around, sleeping, drinking hectoliters of tea and watching eerie morning program (I think that makes me more ill as I already am). It's so bad and sad - Tonight is our annual christmas staff party and I cannot go *sigh*.
To make matters worse, my both cams don't work - The charger of my digicam is broken (ordered a new one) and even my mobile cam acted up after my last update - It shows the pics upside down and my flashlight doesn't work - and Pat is on nightshift so he has no time to fix it - I am getting mad here! I wanted to show you my Limecrime Velvetines, I've bought - but you have to wait :(
So I only got some pics of our winterwonderland in front of the door I took with the last power of my cam-battery....
The last two days were very snowy and everything turned white here... (Perfect timing for a flu...wanted to build a snowman *sigh*)
 My neighbour looked a bit freezy ^^
Romeo tried out the cold white stuff on our balcony....
Today the snow is slowly melting away - I think that there's no white christmas this year for me... *sigh*