Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice...

...Hey Sweeties!
Yes, I am back and alive - so sorry for the months without any sign or posting - but I had so much to do and I needed some time to recover myself from the passed weeks - but now I am here and I am so glad being back for blogging!
I was a little bit productive the last weeks - tried to relax with paintings and I am learning crocheting right now *gnihi*. So today I wanna show you some of my works of the last months... it was a bit burtonesque...
my Beetlejuice-Girl :)
the work in progress....
cause I love sandworms I painted some letterpaper for my penpals...
and another letterpaper with little bats...
a little sketch on an envelope...
and tadaaa: here is my next tattoo - I have my next tattoo-date next month... so curious about my cute little tiger-shark *thihi*
Hope you like my little exhibition ...


Meet little Lotta!

Hey sweeties ~
~ yes, I am still alive, but I had a lot to do in the passed weeks - busy as always and working, being on the road and spending the little leisure time I had with my Zumba class. But I am here and I will be back with a lot of news...
I got a little sister ... Lotta! 
She is the new family member and lives at my parents home now.  
I was falling in love  right away when I met her the first time.
She had a hard start into her new life and was very sick the first days - but now she is one of the happiest and cheekiest puppies I've ever seen.
she looks so well-behaved when she is sleeping....
but she can be a little monster... raaaawwwrrrr:
my arm and my hand are sooooo delicious ;)
...but I love that little monster!


September Instagram Instants

Hey Sweeties ~
a month full of events is over... and here are some of my impressions...
skyporn...I love the autumn skies...
one of the last hot summer days...
Huuuuge fuchsia berries in our frontgarden...
 the bling bling nails...
best icecream ever!!!
 theme party...
 some outfits...a haul from Bershka:
 Dark Saturday working outfit:
 Beetlejuice legs....

 Lady Gaga time:
weird eggs...
 selfmade truffles !
 new furry neighbour ^^ he is sooooo cute!
 halloween shopping....
 didn't resist! Had to buy it!
 potato love ^^
 hihi... a free sample with love :)
Wish you all a great and awesome new month!


Wanna date a handsome Blackmetal Guy?

~ so what about my twin brother? 
 Hey Sweeties ~

I was invited to a theme party - so I studied some youtube-tutorials and worked with brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner... and Pat lent me his wardrobe... ;)

 Me and my bro...

concentrated masculinity: The guys...

pure sexiness: the ladies...


I solemnly swear I'm up to no good

Hey Sweeties!
Yes - I did it - yesterday I visited my favourite tattoo parlour and I got my deepseafish colored and another little goody for me....
I am sooooo happy :3
And I saved the next date for more ink in January - working again on my underwater leg ^^ yay!


I'm a Kittycat.. and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance ^^

or: Outfit of the day: New Kitty Dress =^^=
Hey Sweeties ~
Last week I was shopping at H&M and found my new favourite dress... and of course I had to wear it as soon as possible...
Dress ~ H&M
Tights ~ Primark
Cardigan ~ Primark
scarf ~ Second Hand
fake docs ~ ebay
bag ~ Iron Fist
and now: please excuse me... I have to meow meow meow and to meow meow meow ;) 


Rah Rah ah ah ah roma roma ma Gaga ooh la la....

...or: Outfit of the day... 
Hey Sweeties ~
~ on Monday I found my Lady Gaga Shirt when I tidied up the walk-in-closet... so it was time to take Miss Gaga out ... 
Shirt + Leggings ~ Primark
Longtop ~ Gina Tricot
Boots ~ Jeffrey Campbell
I love the Back Offs - they are so comfy and make long legs :) awesome boots! 


[outfit of the day] Dark Saturday 09/2013

...oh... I am looking so green ^^

Hey sweeties ~
~ last Saturday was Dark Saturday working time, so I choosed comfy shoes for my outfit....
jacket ~ Tally Weijl
dress ~ Kreepsville666
tights ~ Primark
shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell
cameo necklace ~ Too Fast


My little Pony Unicorn Fairy Princess Glitter Sugarshock Mermaid nails

Hey sweeties ~
~ I've bought a big bottle of lavender-iridescent-Glitter at Xenos last week... for some DIY things and paintings... but then I had the idea of a very blingbling nailart...
you need:
nail polish in...
light pink/lavender (I used Manhattan Quick Dry Nail Polish, 26S)
violet (I used Catrice, 800 Heavy Metallilac)
light turquoise (I used Nyx, NGP 175 Mermaid Green)
turquoise-blue (I used P2 fly me to the moon LE, 030 turquoise galaxy)
Gel-like Topcoat (Catrice)
and of course: Glitter (DIY Glitter from crafting shop)
First step:
Apply the light lavender nail polish on the whole nail.
Second step:
Dab with the help of a sponge (cut into little cubes) the violet nail polish on 3/4 of the nail. Then follow dabbing the light turquoise 1/2 of the nail and the dark turquoise at the tips.
Third step:
Apply the topcoat and powder it immedeatly with glitter, remove too much glitter with the help of a fan-brush.
Fourth step:
Apply 2 coats of topcoat and let it all dry.
Tadaaaaa - Fairy nails ^^
I wish I took pics of the steps but I didn't thought that the convenient crafting glitter comes out so great...
Hope you like my little tutorial.


[Look of the day] black and white

Hey sweeties ~
it's some weeks ago but I wanna show you on of my favourite combinations with my Beetlejuice-Wetlook-Legs...
Leggings ~ Black Milk
Shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell
long top (underneath) ~ Gina Tricot
batwinged top ~ Primark
belt ~ Monki
spider brooch ~ restyle.pl
 it's hard to catch the shinyness of the wetlook legs...


August Instagram Instants

Hey Sweeties...
OMG I am so sloppy in recent weeks. I had so much to do. Office work was killing me (I did holiday replacement for 2 and illness replacement for 1) and now I have some free days off. Pat & I were in the Netherlands last week and we finished our balcony ~ yes I know, Summer is over but better late than never for getting a beautiful wooden floor at Balconia. I will show you soon :)
So - lets start the anti-sloppy-weeks with the old-but-gold Instagram Instants of last month...
 Enjoying the sun with my big love :)
and having coffee with Romeo...
It was Ink-time - yaaaay!

and a new idea again...
yummy yum yum content
 crazy Ahoj-Brause-Yoghurt, woodruff-yoghurt with white chocolate covered fizzy chunks. 
 cheesy cheese-rolls for the girls :)
(had a girl's night at home and it was so much fun)
 hmmm nom.... so healthy :)
 even Mr. Sugarpurr is longing for some free days...
 a gift for a good friend - made a froggy pond :)
and I got a package from the cute Kakuidori - bought new Jeffrey Campbell's from her - now I have Back Offs - I am sooooo happy!

 and look what was also inside the package...
she is such a cutie :)
Hope you enjoyed the last moth.
Wish you all an awesome weekend (I have to work tonight at Dark Saturday).