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...or: collected lush-hauls of the last months...
Hello - my name is Meeow and I am a lush-a-holic!
I decided to put my lush hauls of the last 4 months in one blogpost - so here is the heavy-pic load of my lush-collection...
Hmmmm Ladyboy perfume-stick - I love that smell. I think, it smells a bit like bananas with oakmoss... Not my absolute favourite Gorilla perfume - but one of the best! (My favourites are always and forever Karma and Love!)
Marzibain bubble bath - meanwhile I only got one little piece for one single bath left. It smells like marzipan and makes a great big bubbly bubblebath. It smells a bit like the snowcake soap and I've bought it at lush UK.
Last November I've bought the Calacas shower jelly - I really love that lemonlike green jelly sugarskull and it refreshes perfectly - it's packed full with lime and it helps you waking up from the dead. I hope it will be in stock next halloween also.
Christmas specials are great - I've bought a Candy Mountain - but I think I am the only one who don't like that smell - after one bubblebath I've had enough of this scent. It smells like a toothpaste I used when I was a child - do anyone of you know the "Blendi"-Toothpaste? Yes - thats the smell!
Every year at Christmas time I am happy about one bath-ballistic called Cinders - it evokes sitting by a crackling open fire and drinking a glass of warm punch. It smells like punch, warm orange and cinnamon... and it has this crackling fizzy prickly pieces in it that gives you the soothing crackling open fire in the tub. Sooooo good!
Another Christmas special is the Snowcake soap - it smells like the Marzibain, I really love that smell of almonds and marzipan. Benzoin, Rose Absolue and acacia appease dry, stressed winter skin.
The cosmetic warrior facemask... I got a sample at my Christmas-shopping there - but it was so much that it was almost an entire pot in original size - if you go to Lush Dortmund and want a sample - look out for the only male salesman there - he's always very generous. ;) 
The face mask is a little getting used to. It contains tea tree oil and garlic. But its really one of the best face masks that I've ever used. It combats pimples and soothes the skin, even if it smells really nasty.
After Christmas, Lush gave a 50% discount on a lot of stuff - and I find myself again in the shop *lol* So here are my hauls (everything with 50% discount, except Jasmin&Henna)
The Midnight Massage butter - The intensely nourishing base of cocoa and shea butter is blended with vanilla absolute and sensual jasmine. It also contains some forbidden fruits like fig, carob pods and quince extract, they nourish your skin retain moisture, and protect them. I love that scent and the little golden shimmer on my skin. 
Jasmin and Henna Fluff Eaze - a great treatment for colored and bitchy hair. It contains nourishing oils such as coconut oil, wheat germ oil and brazil nut oil and the aroma of precious jasmine and seductive ylang ylang oil. If you think your hair is a little too fluffy and frizzy so, then you should get this mixture.
Lush says, that you need a whole pot for very long hair per application - I think this is exaggerated - I only need a little hand full of the conditioner for my shoulder-long hair - and its enough to get my hair de-frizzed and I carry the smell of jasmine for days. Colorless hennaIt also helps to seal my dyed hair and the hair color lasts much longer.
Twilight shower gel is the best if you take a shower before going to bed - Packed with relaxing essential oils such as lavender infusion, lavender oil and ylang ylang, it brings you to rest. It smells like the Twilight bath ballistic and it is deep purple with a bit glimmer in it. Hmmmmm!
So White Bath Ballistic - it has a delicious scent of red ripe apples. Outside of the bathtub its a white ball, but in the tub, it creates pink foam - I have really enjoyed my bath with this bathbomb - and I think that it should be quite the year to be on the market, not only at Christmas time!
Creme Anglaise - This luxurious lotion is named after a French dessert. It contains nourishing almond oil, which gives your skin an incredibly softness. It smells like vanilla, orange and a hint of myrrh.
What made me most happy was, that this body lotion was brought down to 50% - I've bought it the first time in Britain and loved it - unfortunately in Germany this lotion was too expensive for me - and then I also heard that they get it out of stock soon ... but thanks to the discount, I managed to get a last pot - yay!
Santa's Sack - a triple bubblebath - with tonka, neroli and tagetes this bubble bar is kind to the skin and a gift to the nose (I really love tonka and neroli!).
The bubblebath is composed of several parts. The bag itself is a classic bubblebar, which can crumble into running bath water. In sticking with two gifts that are both multiple bubble baths. This one hold under the stream of water until you have enough foam, and put the rest away to dry and use it again the next bath. I've used up the red sack now and I am curious about the two multiple bubblebaths - the red sack was enough for 2 very bubbly and foamy bubblebaths. Hope, it will be back next Christmas!
Christmas Eve bubblebar - This bubble bar was invented for those times when you are getting ready for a big event.  Soak in a bath and relax in mountains of bubbles and rise with a hint of sensual jasmine fragrance lingering on your body. Irish moss powder in this bar ensures that your skin feels smooth and soft whilst the essential oils will relax you and leave your mind and body ready for great things.  
I love this bubblebar after a long working day to refresh and smell fantastic.
It's raining men showergel - It smells like the alltime favourite "Honey I washed the kids"-soap. It’s bursting with exotic flowers, honey and sweet wild orange and has a rich honey-toffee fragrance. Before I bought the big bottle in the discount, I allowed myself from time to time a small bottle of it - now I have a big bottle that will surely suffice for a whole year (this showergel is incredibly productive).
Toothy tabs in Aquatic and Chou Chou - I love you
Aquatic toothy tab is our gloriously romantic confection. This solid toothpaste is a refreshing and seductively sweet blend of Earl Grey, lime and aphrodisiac jasmine. Perfect for freshening up before smooching.
Chou Chou - I love you gives you a lovely sweet-smelling breath. These brand new Toothy Tabs are scented and flavoured with rose, so they taste like Turkish Deligh.
I love the Toothy Tabs especially for travelling - Aquatic is more refreshing than Chou Chou - so I use Aquatic in the morning and Chou Chou in the evening. 
Of course I get some samples there - I choosed 2 facemasks (too bad the male salesman was not present - so I unfortunately tapped only two tiny pots) - Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic. Cupcake is one of those alltime-favourite products - I love the smell of chocolate and peppermint - and it helps my oily skin getting smooth with Rhassoul mud and feeling fresh with spearmint oil. The lighthearted side of this mask has cocoa powder, vanilla absolute and spearmint oil - like a big chocolate bar that doesnt causes spots!
Catastrophe Cosmetics is awesome - I will buy it the next time I stop by at Lush. It helped my skin calming down and it smells so awesome like a fresh blueberry joghurt on my face... Irish moss gel softens the skin, whilst almond oil moisturises and leave it supple.Fresh blueberries are full of vitamins and minerals and are anitoxidant. Rose absolute and chamomile essential oil reduces redness and irritation. Calamine and talc will deep clean and soothe the skin at the same time. Combined together they provide your skin with a good deep cleanse without causing puffiness – leaving the face cool, clear and calm.
Very recommendable!
So - thats it - For now I have  imposed a Lush-embargo on my own - At least until Valentine's Day - But I spotted the Sweet Japanese Girl - facecleanser at Lush.uk yesterday... Oh my gosh - I am a lush-junkie! And there is no cure!
So - what are your Lush-favorites? Let me know!


A storm is approaching...

...the Sleek Storm Palette!
 Hey sweeties,
last week I stepped by kosmetik4less.de and I thought, it was time for a new Sleek palette for my collection... like the Curacao Palette and Acid or Me, Myself and Eye.
I always love the matte cases of the Sleek palettes - even though you can see every fingermark... *sigh*
Hmmmm.. finally some neutral and metallic shades for my collection... a mix of metallic and matte eyeshadows...
The upper row is a mix of light shades - 5 metallic and 1 matte tone. The metallic ones are copper, silver, yellow-golden, red-golden and bronze. The matte one is a dark sand-beige.
the lower row is more darker, like the colors of the sky when a storm is coming... 4 metallic and 2 matte shades. It contains a brown-metallic, gunmetal grey metallic, dark green metallic, dark blue iridescent metallic, a matte light-brown and a matte anthracite black.
The texture is - like the other eyeshadows of Sleek - very smooth, high-pigmented and easy to blend - the palette contains a perfect mix for day and night - I can use it for my everyday-office look and also for a dramatical look for party-nights.
So - what do you think about the palette?


Send me a box full of beauty ...

...January Box 2013!
Hey sweeties!
Yes yes I know I know - I am a bit late with my BoB-review *lol* I am incorrigible... 
So in comparison to the Box of Beauty December edition, this time I put together the samples by myself - sure, the surprise effect is small, but the disappointment is next to no. 
So let's see what Douglas send me...
1. Anatomicals 'the hottie tottie is never spotty' shine free moisturizer [Original size, 50 ml, 5,95 €]
This mattifying and moisturizing face cream provides the skin with moisture all day and gives it a smooth complexion, it opens the skin pores and reduces red spots. A mild, oil-free texture.
I think it will be a perfect moisturizer for my oily skin - I will try it soon!
Anatomicals "no old bags allowed" Eye Gel [Original Size 15 ml, 4.95 ].  
This cooling and smoothing eye gel revitalizes and refreshes the eye area. It reduces dark circles and wrinkles and tightens the skin area under the eyes. Its chamomile extract and arnica flower water reduces redness and improves the skin texture.
I've tried it - and it its very cooling and easy to apply - great after a long night - and I think my eyes are a bit less puffy...
2. Benefit "They're real' mascara [ sample size, 3 g approx. 8,80 €; (Original size 8.5 g € 24.95)]
This mascara gives volume, lifts and separates lashes. The long-lasting formula does not smudge and does not dry out. The specially designed brush reveals lashes of which you never thought that you ever have.
I love the products of Benefit and I am curious about this mascara - but first I have to use up my other mascara samples before I try that baby. I used the Bad Gal lash-mascara from Benefit ago - and it was one of the best mascaras I've ever tried... so I am full of confidence ;)
3. Dynamic Isadora Lash Growth Serum [sample size 3ml approx. € 8,55 (Original size: 7ml € 19.95)]
The serum with keratincoated microspheres supports natural growth of eyelashes. Even after 30 days of  regular use, the lashes look longer by up to 20%. Polypeptides promote eyelash growth by stimulating the microcirculation and cell metabolism. Pelvetia and laminaria algae extract supported density and growth of eyelashes. Apigenin - a flavonoid derived from citrus - improves microcirculation. Oleanolic acid - an extract from the leaves of the olive - strengthens and helps to prevent breakage of the lashes. Perfume-free.
Sure I am a bit sceptic but I wanted to try such a lash-growing serum... so I give it a try and will report about it...
4. Alterna Bamboo plumping strand expand [sample size 25 ml approx.6,99 € (Original size 100ml 27,95 €)]
This thickening hairdryerlotion combines invigorating organic bamboo extract with invigorating, nutrient-rich organic maca root in a lightweight formula that immediately thickens each individual hair. With "Color Hold" technology to protect the hair color.
I love the Alterna products - I've often had some sprays in my previous boxes and everyone was great. This lotion sounds perfect for me - volume and color-protecting? Let's see ... 
5. Bi-oil, skin oil [Original size, 60 ml 11,95 €]
Special cosmetic for skin care. Designed to improve the appearance of scars, stretchmarks and uneven skin tone. The formulation contains valuable oils, vitamin A and the special ingredient "PurCellin Oil". For face and body. Suitable for all skin types.
I am using this oil since my microdermal was removed to help the scar heal... and I am totally convinced of this oil. The scar is some shades lighter since I began to use Bi-Oil. I also use it for my dry skin on my legs and other dry parts - so picking a new bottle was perfect.
Summarizing I am very satisfied with my box - the anatomicals lotion comes just in time, cause my old face-moisturizer is empty soon... Benefit is always great and the Bi-Oil-replenishment is also great. But I would be happy if Douglas would offer more decorative cosmetic products like eyeshadows and blushes...
So - whats your opinion? Anything you would try?


need... more... INK!

Yeah yeah yeah! ^^
Hey sweeties!
Just a little vital sign of me - Yesterday I visited a tattoo parlor, some of my best friends recommended to me... And I had a little meeting with one of the artists there - I paid a deposit and arranged an appointment. On April 20th I will get my Octo-Puss inked!
Yay - so curious and so happy about that - it was way back that I got some ink. Cannot wait until April - but enough time to save some money and think about the trappings around my little underwater cat! ^^


[Look of the day] stripes and ravens...

...a night at the Blue Shell Club in Cologne!
Hey sweeties!
Last saturday we went to Cologne to visit a club there I've never been before - and it was an awesome night - met a lot of old and new friends - had a funny time and came back home in the early morning...
I presumed that my choice of outfit was a bit overstyled for a little club - but I wanted to wear my "circus tent"-skirt so much. And I don't set much store by the personal opinion of strangers ;)
♥ top, skirt and corset ~ restyle.pl
♥ tights ~ XtraX
♥ shoes ~ Deichmann
♥ sequin hairbow ~ Claire's
♥ raven skull pin ~ restyle.pl
♥ ribcage necklace ~ bones and lilies
 For the makeup I've tried out my new eyeshadows by Scaredy Cat Cosmetics...
 upper lid:
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics ~ Niflheim
 Scaredy Cat Cosmetics ~ Unicorn Breath
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics ~ Nevermore
 MAC ~ Plumage
lower eyelid:
MAC - Plumage
♥ NYX ~ jumbo eye pencil ~ Black Bean
NYX ~ jumbo eye pencil ~ Milk
♥ Coastal Scents ~ 88 palette ~ white matte
eyeliner / eyebrows:
essence ~ gel eyeliner ~ Midnight in Paris
beyu ~ Cat Eye Mascara
NYX ~ Round lipstick ~ Pandora
KIKO ~ Soft Focus Compact Mineral Wet & Dry Foundation
♥ KIKO ~ Full Coverage Concealer
♥ P2 ~ Perfect Face Finish Powder
Hope you all had a great weekend too :)


Velvetine, Orchidaceous and Chinchilla...

...or: the last Lime Crime haul!
Hey sweeties!
Some weeks ago, a little violet package arrived me... It was my third shopping at Lime Crime, cause the new Velvetines were in stock and it was black friday sale - so I needed it really really soon :D
I really love the packaging - and the beautiful flacon - with its matte texture...the applicator is perfect for precise lines and applications...
I love the matte and velvet finish - the color is very intense - and it's very longlasting - It stays the whole night without feeling dry on my lips! One of the best purchases the last months!
I considered carefully for so long if I should buy the LIME CRIME OPAQUE LIPSTICK IN CHINCHILLA. I really love that color but I had doubts if it really suits me - those doubts went away when I tried it out the first time..
the texture is very creamy - and it's very great covering - love that grey-lilac color. It's not so long-lasting like the Carousel Glosses or the Velvetines - more a medium range but I love that lipstick!
And then the LIME CRIME UNILINER IN ORCHIDACEOUS - I love the intense purple eyeliner - but I wanna give you the advice to use a good eyeshadow primer before applying - for a long-lasting finish! It's very easy to wipe that liner off - so you need a good fixing! But the color is worth it!
the packaging is very cute - and I really love the fine brush - I prefer brushes for eyeliners - I cannot handle those hard applicators - so it's perfect for me!
 really nice purple lines ... hmmmm! love love love!
Hope you liked my little review!