...or: collected lush-hauls of the last months...
Hello - my name is Meeow and I am a lush-a-holic!
I decided to put my lush hauls of the last 4 months in one blogpost - so here is the heavy-pic load of my lush-collection...
Hmmmm Ladyboy perfume-stick - I love that smell. I think, it smells a bit like bananas with oakmoss... Not my absolute favourite Gorilla perfume - but one of the best! (My favourites are always and forever Karma and Love!)
Marzibain bubble bath - meanwhile I only got one little piece for one single bath left. It smells like marzipan and makes a great big bubbly bubblebath. It smells a bit like the snowcake soap and I've bought it at lush UK.
Last November I've bought the Calacas shower jelly - I really love that lemonlike green jelly sugarskull and it refreshes perfectly - it's packed full with lime and it helps you waking up from the dead. I hope it will be in stock next halloween also.
Christmas specials are great - I've bought a Candy Mountain - but I think I am the only one who don't like that smell - after one bubblebath I've had enough of this scent. It smells like a toothpaste I used when I was a child - do anyone of you know the "Blendi"-Toothpaste? Yes - thats the smell!
Every year at Christmas time I am happy about one bath-ballistic called Cinders - it evokes sitting by a crackling open fire and drinking a glass of warm punch. It smells like punch, warm orange and cinnamon... and it has this crackling fizzy prickly pieces in it that gives you the soothing crackling open fire in the tub. Sooooo good!
Another Christmas special is the Snowcake soap - it smells like the Marzibain, I really love that smell of almonds and marzipan. Benzoin, Rose Absolue and acacia appease dry, stressed winter skin.
The cosmetic warrior facemask... I got a sample at my Christmas-shopping there - but it was so much that it was almost an entire pot in original size - if you go to Lush Dortmund and want a sample - look out for the only male salesman there - he's always very generous. ;) 
The face mask is a little getting used to. It contains tea tree oil and garlic. But its really one of the best face masks that I've ever used. It combats pimples and soothes the skin, even if it smells really nasty.
After Christmas, Lush gave a 50% discount on a lot of stuff - and I find myself again in the shop *lol* So here are my hauls (everything with 50% discount, except Jasmin&Henna)
The Midnight Massage butter - The intensely nourishing base of cocoa and shea butter is blended with vanilla absolute and sensual jasmine. It also contains some forbidden fruits like fig, carob pods and quince extract, they nourish your skin retain moisture, and protect them. I love that scent and the little golden shimmer on my skin. 
Jasmin and Henna Fluff Eaze - a great treatment for colored and bitchy hair. It contains nourishing oils such as coconut oil, wheat germ oil and brazil nut oil and the aroma of precious jasmine and seductive ylang ylang oil. If you think your hair is a little too fluffy and frizzy so, then you should get this mixture.
Lush says, that you need a whole pot for very long hair per application - I think this is exaggerated - I only need a little hand full of the conditioner for my shoulder-long hair - and its enough to get my hair de-frizzed and I carry the smell of jasmine for days. Colorless hennaIt also helps to seal my dyed hair and the hair color lasts much longer.
Twilight shower gel is the best if you take a shower before going to bed - Packed with relaxing essential oils such as lavender infusion, lavender oil and ylang ylang, it brings you to rest. It smells like the Twilight bath ballistic and it is deep purple with a bit glimmer in it. Hmmmmm!
So White Bath Ballistic - it has a delicious scent of red ripe apples. Outside of the bathtub its a white ball, but in the tub, it creates pink foam - I have really enjoyed my bath with this bathbomb - and I think that it should be quite the year to be on the market, not only at Christmas time!
Creme Anglaise - This luxurious lotion is named after a French dessert. It contains nourishing almond oil, which gives your skin an incredibly softness. It smells like vanilla, orange and a hint of myrrh.
What made me most happy was, that this body lotion was brought down to 50% - I've bought it the first time in Britain and loved it - unfortunately in Germany this lotion was too expensive for me - and then I also heard that they get it out of stock soon ... but thanks to the discount, I managed to get a last pot - yay!
Santa's Sack - a triple bubblebath - with tonka, neroli and tagetes this bubble bar is kind to the skin and a gift to the nose (I really love tonka and neroli!).
The bubblebath is composed of several parts. The bag itself is a classic bubblebar, which can crumble into running bath water. In sticking with two gifts that are both multiple bubble baths. This one hold under the stream of water until you have enough foam, and put the rest away to dry and use it again the next bath. I've used up the red sack now and I am curious about the two multiple bubblebaths - the red sack was enough for 2 very bubbly and foamy bubblebaths. Hope, it will be back next Christmas!
Christmas Eve bubblebar - This bubble bar was invented for those times when you are getting ready for a big event.  Soak in a bath and relax in mountains of bubbles and rise with a hint of sensual jasmine fragrance lingering on your body. Irish moss powder in this bar ensures that your skin feels smooth and soft whilst the essential oils will relax you and leave your mind and body ready for great things.  
I love this bubblebar after a long working day to refresh and smell fantastic.
It's raining men showergel - It smells like the alltime favourite "Honey I washed the kids"-soap. It’s bursting with exotic flowers, honey and sweet wild orange and has a rich honey-toffee fragrance. Before I bought the big bottle in the discount, I allowed myself from time to time a small bottle of it - now I have a big bottle that will surely suffice for a whole year (this showergel is incredibly productive).
Toothy tabs in Aquatic and Chou Chou - I love you
Aquatic toothy tab is our gloriously romantic confection. This solid toothpaste is a refreshing and seductively sweet blend of Earl Grey, lime and aphrodisiac jasmine. Perfect for freshening up before smooching.
Chou Chou - I love you gives you a lovely sweet-smelling breath. These brand new Toothy Tabs are scented and flavoured with rose, so they taste like Turkish Deligh.
I love the Toothy Tabs especially for travelling - Aquatic is more refreshing than Chou Chou - so I use Aquatic in the morning and Chou Chou in the evening. 
Of course I get some samples there - I choosed 2 facemasks (too bad the male salesman was not present - so I unfortunately tapped only two tiny pots) - Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic. Cupcake is one of those alltime-favourite products - I love the smell of chocolate and peppermint - and it helps my oily skin getting smooth with Rhassoul mud and feeling fresh with spearmint oil. The lighthearted side of this mask has cocoa powder, vanilla absolute and spearmint oil - like a big chocolate bar that doesnt causes spots!
Catastrophe Cosmetics is awesome - I will buy it the next time I stop by at Lush. It helped my skin calming down and it smells so awesome like a fresh blueberry joghurt on my face... Irish moss gel softens the skin, whilst almond oil moisturises and leave it supple.Fresh blueberries are full of vitamins and minerals and are anitoxidant. Rose absolute and chamomile essential oil reduces redness and irritation. Calamine and talc will deep clean and soothe the skin at the same time. Combined together they provide your skin with a good deep cleanse without causing puffiness – leaving the face cool, clear and calm.
Very recommendable!
So - thats it - For now I have  imposed a Lush-embargo on my own - At least until Valentine's Day - But I spotted the Sweet Japanese Girl - facecleanser at Lush.uk yesterday... Oh my gosh - I am a lush-junkie! And there is no cure!
So - what are your Lush-favorites? Let me know!

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