Scaredy Cat Cosmetics...

...meeow - new eyeshadows!
Hey sweeties!
Last week a package from Kansas arrived me - I've ordered some eyeshadows at Scaredy Cat Cosmetics from etsy (*click here for the link*).
Smooze ~ Unicorn Breath ~ Mythic
Niflheim ~ Nevermore
- the first thing what leaped out at me were the cute little packages ... triangular and with a cute design on two sides - the third side is transparent to see the pigments...
The pigments are very smooth and high pigmented, full packed with lovely glitter,  they are easy to blend - most of them are vegan and all of them are cruelty free.
For the swatches I applied the pigments in different ways to show the difference in color -
from left to right: dry without any base, with Kiko mixing solution for loose pigments, NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone, P2 keep the secret base
under artificial light:
 and in daylight:
"Etherial, silvery and soft, Unicorn Breath is a sheer pigment perfect for highlighting."
 It's vegan. Full of silver pigments, but a bit pale...
under artificial light:
 and in daylight:
Smokey grey mineral eyeshadow with silver glitter - 
"Like the rolling mists of a mythic ocean, Niflheim will enchant you with it's epic beauty."
 I really like this blue-greyish eyeshadow - the best results are with NYX eyeshadow base...
under artificial light:
 in daylight:
Violet eyeshadow with purple and blue shimmer pigments.
"A vibrant vicious violet that will ride you hard and put you away wet. A must have for every little pony."
love that duochrome look - one of my favourites - the best result is with Kiko's mixing solution.
under artificial light:
 under daylight:
Purple duochrome eyeshadow with silver shimmer...
"When twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star... Mythic brings the enchantment and beauty of the evening sky within your reach. A deep violet filled with silver sparks."
Like the other darker pigments, you get the best results with a mixing solution.
under artificial light:
 under daylight:
Dark blue mineral eyeshadow with blue sparks.
"A deep blue-black with flecks of blue sparkle and light. It's like wearing the star filled midnight sky."
Its formula is vegan.
Really like the deep blue-black with those little blue glitters... the deepest blue you get with the mixing solution.
under artificial light:
 in daylight:
Gunmetal grey eyeshadow with a duochrome shimmer.
"Dark and smokey and full of soul, Muertos is a sultry gun-metal grey that is simply to die for."
The formula is vegan and the dark eyeshadow is highly pigmented and easy to blend.
Cute packaging, sweet names, great design.
The formula is smooth, easy to blend and the colors are awesome.
Great price for some unique colors - I think I will buy more soon - maybe some strong colors.  
What's your favourite eyeshadow?


  1. Some lovely colours! I really love the packaging from this company.

    1. yeeeees - the packaging is so adorable - one reason for me to buy the other colors soon ^^