Send me a box full of beauty ...

...January Box 2013!
Hey sweeties!
Yes yes I know I know - I am a bit late with my BoB-review *lol* I am incorrigible... 
So in comparison to the Box of Beauty December edition, this time I put together the samples by myself - sure, the surprise effect is small, but the disappointment is next to no. 
So let's see what Douglas send me...
1. Anatomicals 'the hottie tottie is never spotty' shine free moisturizer [Original size, 50 ml, 5,95 €]
This mattifying and moisturizing face cream provides the skin with moisture all day and gives it a smooth complexion, it opens the skin pores and reduces red spots. A mild, oil-free texture.
I think it will be a perfect moisturizer for my oily skin - I will try it soon!
Anatomicals "no old bags allowed" Eye Gel [Original Size 15 ml, 4.95 ].  
This cooling and smoothing eye gel revitalizes and refreshes the eye area. It reduces dark circles and wrinkles and tightens the skin area under the eyes. Its chamomile extract and arnica flower water reduces redness and improves the skin texture.
I've tried it - and it its very cooling and easy to apply - great after a long night - and I think my eyes are a bit less puffy...
2. Benefit "They're real' mascara [ sample size, 3 g approx. 8,80 €; (Original size 8.5 g € 24.95)]
This mascara gives volume, lifts and separates lashes. The long-lasting formula does not smudge and does not dry out. The specially designed brush reveals lashes of which you never thought that you ever have.
I love the products of Benefit and I am curious about this mascara - but first I have to use up my other mascara samples before I try that baby. I used the Bad Gal lash-mascara from Benefit ago - and it was one of the best mascaras I've ever tried... so I am full of confidence ;)
3. Dynamic Isadora Lash Growth Serum [sample size 3ml approx. € 8,55 (Original size: 7ml € 19.95)]
The serum with keratincoated microspheres supports natural growth of eyelashes. Even after 30 days of  regular use, the lashes look longer by up to 20%. Polypeptides promote eyelash growth by stimulating the microcirculation and cell metabolism. Pelvetia and laminaria algae extract supported density and growth of eyelashes. Apigenin - a flavonoid derived from citrus - improves microcirculation. Oleanolic acid - an extract from the leaves of the olive - strengthens and helps to prevent breakage of the lashes. Perfume-free.
Sure I am a bit sceptic but I wanted to try such a lash-growing serum... so I give it a try and will report about it...
4. Alterna Bamboo plumping strand expand [sample size 25 ml approx.6,99 € (Original size 100ml 27,95 €)]
This thickening hairdryerlotion combines invigorating organic bamboo extract with invigorating, nutrient-rich organic maca root in a lightweight formula that immediately thickens each individual hair. With "Color Hold" technology to protect the hair color.
I love the Alterna products - I've often had some sprays in my previous boxes and everyone was great. This lotion sounds perfect for me - volume and color-protecting? Let's see ... 
5. Bi-oil, skin oil [Original size, 60 ml 11,95 €]
Special cosmetic for skin care. Designed to improve the appearance of scars, stretchmarks and uneven skin tone. The formulation contains valuable oils, vitamin A and the special ingredient "PurCellin Oil". For face and body. Suitable for all skin types.
I am using this oil since my microdermal was removed to help the scar heal... and I am totally convinced of this oil. The scar is some shades lighter since I began to use Bi-Oil. I also use it for my dry skin on my legs and other dry parts - so picking a new bottle was perfect.
Summarizing I am very satisfied with my box - the anatomicals lotion comes just in time, cause my old face-moisturizer is empty soon... Benefit is always great and the Bi-Oil-replenishment is also great. But I would be happy if Douglas would offer more decorative cosmetic products like eyeshadows and blushes...
So - whats your opinion? Anything you would try?


  1. Oh, dear. The lashes growth serum looks amazing. Please, let us know if you notice any improvement. I'd like to get something like that if it works.

    1. Sure I will tell about it - I am also curioud but sceptic - heard about it, that it doesnt work... so we will see ;)