[look of the day] sugarskulls and kittycats

... or: "look at her, with her kittycathood... she doesn't look like a tax-advisor-assistant!"
Hey sweeties!
This phrase is from yesterday evening when I met some new people at a birthday party of a good friend of mine. *lol*
I chose something warm and casual for the night, cause most certainly the party is outside the house - in February O.o - but if you banish the smokers out on the terrace, the whole party will end up outside - in the cold cold night... uaaaaah... and it was pretty cold.
Luckily I've bought a new knitted jumper last Friday. I really love that silver sugarskull print - and it's oversized and warm! I love it! In combination with woolen socks and my warm-warm-waaaarm kittycathood-scarf-gloves-thingie (it's name is Horst) I was prepared for a cold late-winter-night with tequila-sunrise and in selected society ;)
♥ scarf ~ Strauss
♥ jumper ~ H&M
♥ gloves ~ Art of Dark
♥ miniskirt ~ H&M
♥ leggings ~ Primark
♥ legwarmers ~ from a market somewhere in the Netherlands
♥ boots ~ TUK
♥ bag ~ restyle
♥ kittycat-scarf-hood-gloves-plushie-thingie ~ 39° C
♥ earrings ~ Gina Tricot
upper lid + lower eyelid:
♥ MUA ~ immaculate palette (matte grey, icy-blueish shimmer grey and black)
♥ MUA ~ single matte eyeshadow ~ shade 20
NYX ~ jumbo eye pencil ~ Milk
♥ essence ~ white lady 
eyeliner / eyebrows:
essence ~ cherry blossom girl LE ~ 2 in 1 semipermanent eyeliner ~ 01 big in japan (eyeliner)
♥ P2 intensive khol eyeliner ~ 010 dramatic japan
benefit ~ They're real mascara
lime crime ~ velvetines ~ red velvet
essence ~ clear and matte makeup ~ 01 porcelain
♥ KIKO ~ Full Coverage Concealer
♥ P2 ~ Perfect Face Finish Powder
Oh.... and I didn't forget the obligatory cat-content today... sorry for uncensoring Romeo's butt ^^
Hope everyone of you had a great weekend!

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