February instagram instants...

...bye bye snow... or: winter - fuck off!
Hey sweeties!
The shortest month of the year is over and I am so glad - it was so f***ing cold here and we had so much snow - and I had a lot to do at work - and only a little bit free time for myself.
Now I am looking forward for spring - March is one of my favourite months - its getting a little bit warmer day by day and I've spotted some daffodils yesterday... yay!
 I'm sick of snow... everywhere... it's white and cold and grey... the gloomiest winter since long...
 Met some of my best friends in the city for raspberry-coffee and raspberry-cheesecake ^^
and stopped by Accessorize to try out some weird headpiecces *lol*
 sleepy babies ^^
 winter time = tea time
began with the first book of a song of ice and fire... soooooo great!
dead myself with deadyourself.com ...
needful for my nerves...
 gift from my officemate....
 some gifts by myself :D
so - I hope you had a cozy and nice February? What were your highlights of the month?

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