[recipe] The cold-killer-jello-punch

...caution: don't drink more than 4 glasses! XD
I promised to write about the bad bad punch I served on my birthday party... so here is the recipe:
 The cold-killer-jello-punch-of-doom ;)
You need:
1 can of peaches, cut in pieces
2 cans of pineapple, cut in pieces
5 limes
5 kiwi
2 packages of woodruff-jello (I used instant jelly - its without gelatine)
1 bottle vodka
3/4 bottle brandy
1 bottle white wine
1-2 bottles prosecco
300 g sugar
wash the limes under hot water and cut them into pieces, peel of the kiwis and cut them too... put them together with the peaches and pineapples in a big bowl or bucket. Dash them with the brandy and 3/4 of the vodka. Put one package of jello to the mixture. Marinade it overnight on a cool place.
Prepare the jelly with the other package and the rest of the vodka and a bit water. Cool it down for some hours until its stiff.
The next day stir the sugar with a cup of water until the sugar resolves. (Its neccessary cause the sugar wouldnt resolve soon in the alcoholic mixture). Sweeten the punch with this sugar as you like.
Prepare the rest immediately before serving - cut the jello into pieces,  add it to the fruits. Add the wine and the prosecco and now:
enjoy (but don't drink to much - its very devious!


  1. Das hört sich sehr schmackhaft an und sieht auch danach aus :)
    und deine Nägel gefallen mir auch sehr gut. Passen farblich zum Getränk

    1. stimmt - das ist mir jetzt erst aufgefallen :D das waren meine St.Patricks-Day-Nägel :D
      und ja, die Bowle ist sehr sehr lecker aber auch sehr sehr gefährlich ;)