The short life of a golden hen...

...or: Heñata, Heñata!!!
Hey sweeties!
It's some weeks ago that I've ordered a lush package from UK - earlier than the release of the easter goodies in Germany - and today I wanna show you the lovely golden cute hen - the Heñata!
yellow and orange... tangerine, bergamotte and mandarin smell so lovely and turn every mood from blue to bright...
So... lets look if the chicken can swim.... 
woooow - what a blaze of colors... yellow - blue - green...sparkly green glitter everywhere and petals everywhere...  so lovely!
 it looks a bit yellow on the photo - but it was a bright orange! My mobile cam is fooling me....
 and look - the cute hen layed two eggs... hihi...
Did you try one of Lush's easter goodies? Let me know!


  1. Antworten
    1. die haben mich auch sehr überrascht... :D total witzige Idee ^^ vor allem, weil sich die Eier erst ganz zum Schluss im Wasser auflösen... :D

  2. What a fun product! :) It made me smile to.
    Oh I have a bath to look forward to tonight! I will find some of my lush bath products to put in the water.

    1. Hope you had a nice bathtime :) I took a new piece of lush-bubblebar yesterday at home - so curious about it - I think tonight its bathtime at my home too :D