time for yummy stuff: Peas+mint+leek=omnomnom!

or: fighting against my travel bug with very british food!
Hey sweeties!
Two recipes at one day - whoa :D I wanna disclose my favourite soup-recipe - its easy to make, quickly to prepare and so fuckin yummy!
 Creamy green pea soup with mint and leek
You need:
~ 1 leek
~ 400 g frozen peas
~ 1 bundle fresh mint
~ 1 onion
~ 1 clove of garlic
~ 500 ml vegetable soup stock 
~ a little package of soy-cream
~ parsley
~ olive oil
~ salt, pepper, chili-powder and a little bit agave syrup
Cut the leek, the onion and the garlic into fine pieces and stew everything into a olive oil in a big cooking pot until the onions are translucent.
Add the peas and stir it for another 5 minutes.
Chop the mint into fine pieces and add it to the vegetables.
Add the soup stock and let it stir for 10 more minutes on low flame.
Add the soy cream and purée the soup in a blender. Add parsley as you like, season it with pepper, salt, chili-powder and agave syrup.
Ready to serve!
Enjoy it with a piece of brown roasted bread and a little dapple of whipped cream...
Bon appetit


  1. Muss ich unbedingt probieren.

    1. oh ja mach mal und berichte, wie es geschmeckt hat - dazu passen übrigens auch sehr lecker gegrillte Jacobsmuscheln mit ein paar Chilifäden - so als Luxusvariante ... hatten wir vorletztes Jahr als Vorspeise zu Weihnachten ^^ nom!!!!

  2. Jamjamjam... ^_^ Werd ich auch ausprobieren!

    1. fein :) ich bitte um Feedback, wie es dir geschmeckt hat ^^

  3. It looks really simple and yummy (which for me is the perfect combination in a recipe. I´ll give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing ♥

    1. it is :) simple, delicious and very quick to make... Tell me if you tried it and if you like my soup <3