a vegetable garden in my mouth...

...or: Meeow goes green!
Hey sweeties!
As I told in some former posts, I am about to live healthier with doing sports (if I have the time 2-3 times a week with Zumba, Cardio, TotalBodyWorkout, Pilates and sometimes Dumbells) and eating more healthier. 
Since 4 months I am trying to follow the Montignac-way ... most of the time...  sometimes I am longing for a piece of white bread or potatoes or chips.... so I put in a "lazy and all-you-are-allowed-to-eat day" (On Sundays ^^) - and it works great - I am feeling much more better, lighter and fitter. I have more energy at work or at gym. And besides this, I am loosing weight...
Now I am trying out a new habit of healthy eating - green smoothies! I've heard so much about it and read a lot in some blogs of this green boost of Vitamines and minerals.  So I decided to try one drink...
Conveniently I started today for an all-week-Greenbag-subscription. Its a service of my local organic-grocery-store. Its so great to get a load of vegetables and fruits every week, everything organic and fair traded. And every week is like a bit surprise - and I can try a lot of fruits and vegetables I've never cooked by myself or served before (like parsnips, topinambour, beetroot).
I will get my first greenbags (I choosed the Greenbag "Duo" and the Greenbag with fruits) next Friday - so I am very curious about it... you always get some vegetarian recipes with the bags - maybe I will try some of them...
so this is my today's purchase:
and immediately I prepared my dinner...
I call it:
Meeow's First Smoothie Experience...
★ Orange Juice and pulp of 2 oranges
★a handfull of grapes
★1 pear, cut into small pieces
★ 1 piece of green celery with leaves - cut into small pieces
★a handfull of cutted Romaine lettuce
★a small handfull of carrot green (yes! the green! really! No joke!)
★a cup (more or less, as you like) of water
mix everything in a blender until it gets the typical smoothie-texture...
and now:
bon appetit!
try it out - its really delicious and full of power - and one glass filled me up... phew... nom nom against munchies! ^^
I think I will experiment the next days with my blender and some ingredients... so stay tuned for more healthy recipes ;)


  1. Beautiful! I love a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Smooothies are delicous and absolutely filling when they are chalk full of fiber.

    I bought a couple pilates videos and have been doing that 3x a week - so far, so good. They make me feel great and I'm noticing big improvements in flexibility. Your post is inspiring!

    1. Yes you are so right... its a great way to loose weight when I am changing one full meal into 1 smoothie... its a really great snack - I fell in love ^^

      Pilates is awesome - I had problems with my back and my knees before starting Pilates-class - and I am feeling a lot better now - and I gained my flexibility back - hooooray for searching for the Powerhouse :D

      Its so great to read that my post is inspiring - thank you so much <3 - I hope, I will do more of those postings in the future <3

  2. Meine Fresse...das sieht wirklich gesund aus...Hut ab!! Sollte ich mir mal merken...und das schmeckt ganz in echt ehrlich???

    1. jep - wenn man überlegt, dass ich in 2 Gläsern so viel Obst und Gemüse hatte, wie ich sonst höchstens innerhalb von 3-4 Tagen verputzen würde :D - und es ist wirklich lecker - ich habe ja echt meine Bedenken gehabt... pürierter Salat und dann noch Möhrengrün? Der Gedanke ist schon merkwürdig... aber es war unglaublich erfrischend und köstlich ^^

  3. I think it's great that you used the green on the carrot as well :D
    I realized that I got severe headache when I started drinking the green smoothie for breakfast. I had even so much headache that I had to get home from work some days. The conclusion I came to was that I should not drink the smoothie to fast and always drink water directly before and after.
    I'm thinking of giving the montignac method a try myself :)

    1. yeah the green is great - I didn't think that it can taste good... but its so awesome that I can use everything and dont throw it away...

      Ooooh headache? I've heard something about little toxic reactions when you do your smoothies every day with the same sort of green - so I am trying to rotate the greens now... I will see if I have any negative reactions of drinking the smoothies... and I will keep your advice in my mind! <3 <3

      Montignac is really great - but I looooove potatoes (typical German manner :D) - so its sometimes hard - but you should give it a try - I've bought some great books and a little guide I am always carrying in my handbag with me - so I can see in an instant which food is good or bad for me :)

  4. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed this post <3

  5. wow! never thought that eating healthy looked this good! ^_^
    by the way, I was just curious do you know if the Bioderma Crealine H20 makeup remover is available there in Germany? My father-in-law is currently in Bremen, so I was thinking of asking him to buy me some stuff before he comes back here in Philippines. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Thank you :)
      You can get the Bioderma products in some pharmacies in Germany.
      Oh and if you like decorative Cosmetic - he should stop by a "DM" and buy you some of the P2 and Catrice - Products ;) <3

  6. @Meeow, oh cool, thank you! I just sent him some photos of the products I want from Catrice, will check out P2 as well. hehe

  7. These look delicious!

    I've given you a versatile blogger award, check out the post here! http://makeupmouse.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/versatile-blogger-award.html x

    1. aaaaaaaaawwww thank you so much <3 <3 <3