[Look of the day] Beetlejuice meets Skulls and Spiderwebs

Hey sweeties!
Last Sunday we went out for having some beer and fun with friends at the TIC-club in Mühlheim... Sadly, the club was almost empty - but the music was great and if you are with good friends, you can also have fun in a dead club and on an empty dancefloor...
I decided to wear my new wet look Beetlejuice leggings and an old spiderweb dress... I don't know, why I never worn it the last years... its so cute. I got it from my parents-in-law when they were in London ~ I have so cool in-laws!
The outfit....
 black dress (beneath) ~ Gina Tricot
 Spiderweb dress ~ Phaze
 Leggings ~ Blackmilk
 Boots ~ Demonia
birdskull pendant & bag ~ restyle.pl
Missed to take a pic of my makeup that night... I wore my Limecrime Serpentia Lipstick for the first time... I really love that metallic dark green!
Inside the club it was too dark to take good pics... but we had a funny restroom-session *lol*
trying to look quite lackadaisical :D
vanity tables in the restroom ~ thats so perfect ^^
so... now I am looking forward for the next weekend ... working time at Dark Saturday again... 


  1. Love your outfit and makeup both! I wish we had a Gina Tricot over here - it seems like they have lots of amazing things! :o)

    1. Thank you so much, honey :-*
      The Gina Tricot dress is only a black slim dress under the spiderweb-dress - but its also great - makes a great silhouette - and only for 10 € ^^ I combine it often with a lot of outfits - a casual pure black dress is an enrichment for a wardrobe ;)

  2. haha ich bin echt gespannt wann das nächste bm päckchen unterwegs sein wird ^_^ <3