Looks like a dope kitchen...

...oh okay, its just LUSH :D
Hey sweeties!
I often asked myself, how to deplete Lush's fresh face masks within 2 weeks ~ I used them longer but with every day the mask gets tighter and dryer... so what can I do? Even though I got two new fresh face masks for my birthday.
The answer is: freeze them! 
Yes, the pots are freezable.
But is it a good idea, to freeze it in one portion? Nope, this method allows a better handling:
All you need: a scale, clingfilm and a lighter
I made portions of ca. 12 g (okay on the pic its a bit more) and wrap them into clingfilm like little toy torpedos.
To fix them I melted the ends with a lighter.
Put them into the cleaned pots and freeze them...
One little package needs 10-15 Minutes to defrost.
Hope my little tip is a bit helpful.


  1. This is brilliant! I've been meaning to try some more Lush face masks recently but I have trouble using up even their 14 month shelf life products! xxx

    1. Good to know that my little Lush-Tips are helpful for you :) <3

  2. :-O die idee!! du bist toll ^^ *gleich-geld-ausgeben-gehen*