Boarding the Thier-Galerie...

Hey sweeties!
Last friday I met one of my closest friends for frappucchino and shopping at Dortmund's Thier Galerie...and for sure I found some stuff...
 outfit of the day - I really love my new Kill Star - dress ...its so comfy and I love the tails... I've combined it with my Blackmilk Birth of Venus 2.0 leggings, a little bolero-jacket from Tally Weijl and my purple Leo-scarf I've bought years ago at the M'era Luna Festival...
 I think, it fits me well... ^^
And Fabi had the idea stopping by "Eyes+more", cause they had great glasses there - but some months ago and they were sold out... but I found another pair of glasses... I think, I should try violet glasses!
 What do you think? Shall I buy them this week?
For sure I made some hauls...
A hi-lo-skirt from H&M ~ I've never thought I would ever wear those skirts - but it looks fantastic!
this giant plush microbe is only a gimmik for mother's day - my mum is suffering from hayfever every year... so I thought, a plushy grass pollen will help her a bit... ;)
at Claire's they git eylure-lashes! YAAAAY! I really love this brand! And I bought some turquoise-violet nails pearls...
KIKO haul....: Brush cleanser (works great - I've tried it!), Sugar Mat nail polish in black and:
Colour Shock cream eyeshadow...
I thought, creamy eyeshadow and I would never be friends... but this one is absolutely phantastic... this bright intense violet and you only need a little bit for your eyes... and it lasts so damn long!
I've tried to wash it off, with water and soap... but I failed :D
yay XL-crosses and little skulls from Gina Tricot... a bracelet from Primark...
Sooo... this week maybe I'll come back to Thier-Galerie to buy those glasses... and I saw some great shirts at 39°C... oh and I need the turquoise Colour-Shock eyeshadow ^^ hmmm... I should save my money for the Paris-trip next month :D


  1. Yes, that dress indeed looks so comfy! But i wish it was cheaper, i cannot afford it :/ I do like you with those glasses amazing shape and color!! ^^ You should buy them!! Amazing findings dear :D

    1. Thank you sooo much - yes, its not a bargain, this dress - but i love it and thinking about buying a second dress with this style from Kill Star... maybe next month or later ^^

      I will buy the glasses tomorrow - I have a date at the shop to check my eyes! Yay! I will do that! ^^

  2. Oh, eine tolle Ausbeute und tolle Look-Bilder =)
    Hast du dich schon für die lila Brille entschieden oder zögerst du noch?

    1. ui dankefein :-*
      Ich habe mich entschieden, nachdem 30 Leute "yay" und nur 2 "nay" zu der Brille sagten - morgen werde ich nach Feierabend zum Messen gehen und dann bestelle ich mir die lila Brille :3

  3. Those glasses look very neat! And I love the H&M decorative skull print.
    That purple is luckily not the worst possible colour to get stuck on your skin, eh? It looks so lush, I just want to eat that colour!
    Very nice shopping indeed. And you look gorgeous as always. :3

    1. Yeees - that purple is amazing and it looks like fluffy sorbet in that jar... :D
      And purple is always a good choice for me - I love that color so much! ^^ *thihi* so I will buy the glasses tomorrow... ;)

  4. Antworten
    1. jaaa die sind toll, nicht wahr? Eine Freundin hatte die schon seit nem Jahr und ich habe immer wieder darauf gewartet, dass sie bei Gina Tricot Re-stocked werden ^^

  5. Die Brille ist echt genial. Steht dir total :) dein Outfit ist auch super und ich mag dein buntes Totenkopf Armband *-* Bin mal auf den Rock von H&M gespannt :) Vielleicht kannst du Ihn ja mal in einem Post präsentieren :)
    Lg, Mare

    1. Das ist echt lieb - ich freue mich so sehr, dass so viele Leute sagen, dass mir die Brille steht... ich hoffe, morgen kann ich noch einmal zum Messen - war gestern dort und wurde wieder fortgeschickt. 24 Stunden ohne Kontaktlinsen reichten bei mir nicht aus, um ordentlich messen zu können ... seufz...

      Das Totenkopf-Armband war ein Weihnachtsgeschenk meiner Schwiegermama (sie ist so toll ^^).

      Natürlich wird der Rock präsentiert - ich möchte ihn so gerne endlich mal ausführen ;)