Emptied: February - April 2013 [Part I]

Hey sweeties!
I was a bit lazy with my "Emptied"-report the last months... so here comes a big load of lots of depleted beauty-stuff... the first part... ;)
algemarine ~ Dry shampoo powder
Balea ~ Sweet wonderland shower gel
Since I am dyeing my hair with directions and Star Gazer, I am using the dry shampoo from time to time to keep my hair fresh and colorful. I've tried a lot of those dry shampoos, but this one is the best.
The shower gel was a limited edition, it smelled like chocolate and caramel, and the design is a bit like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory... 
Lush ~ It's raining men shower gel
I really like that smell just like the "Honey I washed the kids"-soap. Last sale, I've bought a big bottle for maintaing supplies.
I've tidied out my polish-boxes... 3 x essence, 1 OPI, 2 x P2, 1 Art Deco and 2 Helena Rubinstein polishes... the most of them dried out... but the two Helena Rubinsteins liquefied themselves... strange...
SantaVerde aloe vera creme light
I loved that cream... its the perfect cream for my skin. It's packed full with aloe vera juice instead of water. Soooo good! But I wanna deplete my other face creams before I will buy a new one. 
Balea ~ Oil repair conditioner
I love the hair products of Balea. They are silicone free and the oil repair treatment is great for my dry hair. I use it in combination with the color-protection shampoo. 
Alterna ~ Bamboo Volume Spray
This bottle was a sample size in one of my Box of Beauty. I love the products of Alterna and this spray makes my hair thick and plenteous. Nice thing, but I have a lot of volume products from other Boxes.
And again some Lush-goodies... a sample of the cupcake facemask (all-time favourite!) and I used up the Marzibain-bubblebar... hmmmm... its  scent was so delicious... 
Balea ~ color protection shampoo
Thats my favourite shampoo - it helps keeping my violet dye longer fresh. For sure, I've bought a new one.
Balea ~ fresh lime deo-spray
I thought, this deo-spray would smell like fresh lemons or limes. But the CD Citrus-Spray is much better. So I won't buy this again...
I love it... it helped my dry skin and for sure I bought a new bottle... and by the way I got another one with a Box of Beauty.
Lush ~ Calacas shower-jelly
oooooh... that wobbly green thing. How much I loved it. I really like the scent of citrus-fruits and this one helped me to wake up in the morning. Hope, Lush will bring it out again next Halloween.
oh.... and I killed one of my favourite brushes... I fixed it from time to time... but now it's time to say goodbye... 
so ... thats the first part... the second part will come up soon ;)


  1. Sweet Wonderland hab ich mir jetzt bestimmt schon 10x gekauft. Ich bade damit immer :>

    1. Das riecht ja auch einfach nur köstlich... so ein tolles Zeugs ^^ <3 <3 <3