Hey sweeties,
I am one of those poor ones, who doesn't take part at the WGT in Leipzig this year... For some reasons: I have to work over Whitsun-holidays cause we have heavy deadline pressure at office (like every May) - and I am saving money for the next ink + for sure for Paris next month... ooooh... Paris - I really miss you! So happy, only 4 weeks left for some awesome days in one of the prettiest cities in the world ^^
The Whitsun-holidays were pretty quiet here - no party but I  spent a lot of time at Gym - today I had three classes (Fat-Attack, Belly-Legs-Bottom and ~ my absolutely favourite ~ Combat) and I am feeling like She-Ra now :D haha... The rest of the day I will relax, bake some cupcakes and watching Game of Thrones ^^
So - this post is only some Blah of the passed days... 
Last weekend we had another Lasertag-battle - it was soooo much fun...
The next battle is in July and we have a big one-day-tournament in September - can't wait for more pew pew pew :D
purple braids and my new beloved Meow-beanie... ^^
on Monday I got my new glasses - I love them - purple with cheetah dots  :)  Maybe I will buy another pair of glasses at the end of the year - The service at eyes+more was brilliant - the seller was so nice and I had an extensive advising and he takes his time for the eye examination. And their prices are great - I really recommend that shop!
Friday was  gloomy - but I love the view outside of our bathroom - early in the morning... with fog and everything is green. So Beautiful. Oh and you can see the new home of our three new neighbours - we have some Guinea Pigs here now. They are so cute and fluffy ^^
On Saturday a surprise came by mail....
 a friend of mine baked some bottling-jar-cakes - soooo delicious - blondie-brownies with walnuts - yummy!!! I really need to make some little yummy gifts on my own soon...
Yesterday  was a little bit of summer in the air - the sun was shiny and the sky was soooo blue - so we decided to take a roadtrip with my convertible to the  "Sauerland" -  its a mountainous and  forested area in the very near (we are living at the borderline of this area) - its perfect for a little trip... No wonder that particularly the Dutchmen likes this place for the holiday ~ you find cozy little villages, lakes for swimming, rivers for fishing, soooo much trees, little mountains and nature all around. . It was pretty hard to take some good pics while driving - but I will take some the next time.
 this castle is only 15 minutes away from our home...
found one of the prettiest lakes in the near... the "Hennesee" - its a long lake surrounded by forests - so beautiful! But full of tourists that day - it was pretty hard to find a parking lot. So we enjoyed this lake by circling it by car.
Today I noticed that  the spring-sun was pretty heavy yesterday - I am sunburned on my shoulders -.- Looking like a lobster *lol*
So - thats my Whitsun-blah :D
What did you do the last days?

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